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Native (not comparable)

  1. Belonging to the native inhabitants of the Americas or Australia; in particular:
    1. (US, Canada) Indian: Native American or First Nation; of or relating to (North) American Indians.
      • 2005, Native American Issues: A Reference Handbook →ISBN, page 82:
        Therefore, in 1885 Congress passed the Major Crimes Act whereby jurisdiction in the case of seven major crimes (the list of crimes was later expanded) occurring on Native lands was placed in the hands of federal courts.
    2. (Australia, New Zealand) Aboriginal; of or relating to Australian Aboriginal peoples, Aborigines.
      • 1904 November 3, in the New Zealand Parliamentary Debates, second session, fifteenth parliament, legislative council and house of representatives, volume 131, Native Land Rating Bill, page 814:
        He did not ask the Council to sanction the removal of all restrictions on Native lands, but simply asked that such lands as are to be rated under this Bill should have their titles freed in so far as to enable the Native owners to lease those lands and obtain some benefit therefrom.


Native (plural Natives)

  1. An aboriginal inhabitant of the Americas or Australia; in particular:
    1. (US, Canada) A Native American.
    2. (Australia, New Zealand) An Aborigine.

Usage notes[edit]

See the usage notes at native.