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Native Californian (plural Native Californians)

  1. An indigenous person of California; a member of one of the indigenous tribes historically associated with California.
    • 1894, Cephas Little Bard, "A Contribution to the history of medicine in Southern California," (speech delivered August 8, 1894):
      Our soil and climate are peculiarly adapted to the culture of what has contributed so much to the comfort and welfare of the Native Californian.
    • 2005, Paul Campbell, Survival Skills of Native California, publ. Gibbs Smith, ISBN 0879059214, pg. 47:
      The effete finger-twisting techniques of modern survival books and classes are tedious and slow and assume that we are all too citified to learn what every Native Californian knew well: the hand rolling of cordage on the thigh.


Native Californian (comparative more Native Californian, superlative most Native Californian)

  1. Of or relating to the Native Californians.
    • 1931, Lawrence E. Metcalf, Values Education, National Council for the Social Studies, pg. 215:
      I have devoted so much space to emphasizing religious and social behavior because Native Californian civilization must be viewed as a 15000-year effort to perfect the inter-human and human-creation relationships.
    • 2006, Kent G. Lightfoot, Indians, Missionaries, and Merchants: The Legacy of Colonial Encounters on the California Frontiers, University of California Press, ISBN 0520249984, pg. 137:
      It is not clear whether Native Californian women who established joint residences with Native Alaskan, Creole, or Russian men were drafted into mandatory service for the Company.

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