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Nippon +‎ -o- +‎ -phile


Nipponophile (plural Nipponophiles)

  1. One who loves Japan or Japanese culture.
    Synonym: Japanophile
    Antonyms: Nipponophobe, Japanophobe
    • 1997, Errol C. Friedberg, Correcting the Blueprint of Life: An Historical Account of the Discovery of DNA Repair Mechanisms, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, →ISBN, page 114:
      [] Strauss had become something of a Nipponophile and had returned to Japan for a sabbatical in 1958.
    • 2003, William Illsey Atkinson, Nanocosm: Nanotechnology and the Big Changes Coming from the Inconceivably Small, Amacom, →ISBN, page 213:
      CALL ME A NIPPONOPHILE—a secret admirer of Japan, a worshiper from afar.
    • 2003 October, Charles Campion, The Rough Guide to London Restaurants: 2004, 6th edition, Penguin Putnam, →ISBN, page 29:
      The place was actually set up by a Nipponophile Englishman, but the kitchen staff are all Japanese and its Far Eastern credentials bear scrutiny.
  2. An advocate of Japanese thought or culture.

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