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OTK (not comparable)

  1. (BDSM) Initialism of over the knee (spanking position).
    • 1994 July 24, Gaetana <gaetana@aol.com>, “Hot Summer Nights”, in alt.sex.spanking, Usenet[1], retrieved 30 January 2022:
      My Mom's paddlings were usually for *back-talking* or *being fresh* - a habit I never broke. They were spontaneous and sharp, usually OTK or standing up, secured by one arm, and given with the hand or the hairbrush.
    • 1997 July, Lynn Darling, “‘Dear Ravager, I've never done this before...’”, in Esquire, volume 128, number 1, New York, ISSN 0194-9535:
      I thought of the other identity as my darker self. Her screen name was Pirategrrl; her “real” name was Jenny. I listed her hobbies as swordplay and, on the advice of a friend well versed in chat-room culture, OTK--over the knee, erotic shorthand for spanking.
    • 1998, Walter S. DeKeseredy and Martin D. Schwartz, “Male Peer Support and Woman Abuse in Postsecondary School Courtship”, in Raquel Kennedy Bergen, editor, Issues in Intimate Violence, Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications, →ISBN, page 89:
      Lynn Darling (1997), for example, created the identity of Pirategrrl just to test out her own reaction to taking part in the OTK (“over the knee,” or spanking) culture.
    • 2002, Les Roberts, The Dutch: A Milan Jacovich Mystery:
      [] the OTK site with its graphic spanking photos []
    • 2006, Kiki Faran, Once Upon a Knee Mf Spanking & Domestic Discipline Stories Book Three:
      “So, you want a straightforward, otk, bare butt, hand spanking. Don't blame you. They're the best kind.”
    • 2008, Abel and Haron, The Spanking Writers:
      Haron's howling came later that afternoon, as she was upended for a bare-bottomed, open-air, OTK spanking on the Mull of Kintyre. I think I'm always going to giggle in future whenever I hear the relevant Paul McCartney song.


OTK (plural OTKs)

  1. (collectible card games) Initialism of one turn kill.


OTK (third-person singular simple present OTKs, present participle OTKing, simple past and past participle OTKed)

  1. (collectible card games, transitive) To defeat a player with a one turn kill.
    • 2016, Stephen Draper, “Kun the Forgotten King of Combos”, in Esports Edition[2]:
      It all started with Dog being OTKed by a Kun deck, and now a dozen lists are going around.




  • IPA(key): [ɰᵝã̠ntã̠ːŋ ʲkʲiɾɯ̟ᵝ]


OTK(ワンターンキル) (wan-tān kiru

  1. Abbreviation of ワンターンキル (wan-tān kiru).