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It was believed by some conservatives that the phones were given for free with unlimited minutes to members of minority groups by the Obama administration.


Obama phone (plural Obama phones)

  1. (US) A cellphone provided as part of the United States Lifeline Program.
    • 29 September 2012, [Tor] Sir Gregory Hall, Esq., “Emmett's "Obama phone"”, in alt.usenet.kooks, Usenet[1]:
      Here's Emmett's mother touting the virtues of her "Obama phone"
    • 2013, Steve De France, Because I Can’t Whistle, Xlibris, page 102:
      Outside / brown & broken teeth / gasp out brainless twaddle. / into their Obama phones.
    • 2014, Darlene Pollock, Logan Pollock, Invasive Species, Part I, Trafford Publishing, page 31:
      [] . Get yourself one of those Obama phones, Romeo,”

Alternative forms[edit]