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From Ancient Greek Ὀσυμανδύας (Osumandúas), from Egyptian wsr-mꜣꜥt-rꜥ stp.n-rꜥ, the throne name of pharaoh Ramesses II. Modern usage derives from the poem Ozymandias, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley and inspired by Diodorus Siculus's description of a colossal statue in the Ramesseum.


Ozymandias (plural Ozymandiases)

  1. A person once famous and respected who has since been utterly forgotten.
    • 2013, Will Self, quoted in The Guardian: "Falling short: seven writers reflect on failure" [1]
      An unavoidable sequel of the posterity delusion is the death of the writerly self, which depends too much on incoherence and inconsistency to remain pompous for long. And of course, the vast majority of today's mummified immortals are tomorrow's Ozymandiases.

Derived terms[edit]