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PMT (countable and uncountable, plural PMTs)

  1. (uncountable) (medicine) Premenstrual tension.
    • 1978, Barbara Seaman, Gideon Seaman, Women and the crisis in sex hormones
      Other circumstances, such as sunburn, travel, or emotional crisis, can also aggravate fluid retention and "PMT".
    • 2006, Mike Edwards, Friendly Fire
      Fraser knew girls had periods but he'd never heard of PMT.
    • 2006, Peter Clark, Ian A Greer, Practical Obstetric Hematology
      In the 20th century Frank coined the term premenstrual tension (PMT).
    • 2006, Rachel Loosmore, Saucy Shorts for Chefs
      "It's PMT - she'll be back." "I expect that's your father - let's eat."
  2. (countable) (electronics) Abbreviation of photomultiplier tube.