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A Sony PlayStation console.


play +‎ station, coined by Sony Computer Entertainment


PlayStation (plural PlayStations)

  1. (video games, trademark) A video game console of the "PlayStation" brand.
    I bought a PlayStation for my son.
    • 2003, Cash Peters, Gullible's Travels: The Adventures of a Bad Taste Tourist, page 55:
      Back then, kids didn't have TV or video games, so I guess slaughtering your mom and dad was a bit like the Playstation of its day.
    • 2009, Michael Schaffer, One Nation Under Dog, page 150:
      The Everlasting Treat Ball landed like the PlayStation of the pet products world back in 2004.
    • 2009, Paul Clammer, Alison Bing, Anthony Sattin, Paul Stiles, Lonely Planet Morocco, page 38:
      He was obsessed with bullfighting, which was the PlayStation of the day, only considerably more dangerous; he was soon gored to death.


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