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After Toys "R" Us, American toy-store chain, itself a phonetic rendering of "toys are us".


R Us

  1. (humorous) Suggesting a group of people or repository of products of the specified kind.
    • 1996, "Dan DePardo", Catching the Electronic Wave (The Article) "Way Long" (on Internet newsgroup alt.sport.jet-ski)
      "Geeks R Us" was a phrase that would often pop into my twisted little brain while I was initially learning to surf the 'Net.
    • 2002, "Joy in Virginia", Mar 13, Show Summary (on Internet newsgroup alt.radio.talk.dr-laura)
      A board poster referred to Brandon as coming straight from the "Flaming Gays R Us" catalog!
    • 2005, "geminii@tpg.com.au", What do I win? (on Internet newsgroup alt.sysadmin.recovery)
      Scenario: Someone wants to deliberately annoy you by phoning your number over and over again, or by putting your phone number on a Jerks R Us webforum.