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This Proto-Slavic entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



The suffix continues both Proto-Indo-European *-tós and *-tus. A distinguishing feature between the two is that lemmas formed with the u-stem suffix, later were extended with *-kъ, e.g. Serbo-Croatian podátak (datum) < *datъ (load, something given).


*-tъ m

  1. Deverbal from mono-syllabic simple stems, forms passive participles
    Synonym: *-nъ
    From ū-grade root:
    *obutъ (footwear put on)*obuti (to put on footwear)
    *nadutъ (swelled) (+ *na-)*duti (to blow up)
    From ī-grade root:
    *šitъ (sewed)*šiti (to sew)
    *bitъ (beaten)*biti (to beat)
    From nasal-grade root:
    *klętъ (pitiable, damned)*klęti (to curse)
    *vъzętъ (taken)*vъzęti (to take, to acquire)
  2. Deverbal, forms nouns (usually with o-grade)
    *potъ (sweat)*peťi (to bake)
    *letъ (flight) ← Pre-Slavic *lekti (to spring, to hop)
    *moltъ (hammer)*melti (to mold)
    *datъkъ (levy) ← **datъ ← *dati (to give)
    *vitъkъ (coil) ← **vitъ ← *viti (to wind, to curve)
    *ostatъkъ (remainder) ← **ostatъ ← *ostati (to remain)


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