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Blend of remain +‎ maniac


Remainiac (plural Remainiacs)

  1. (UK politics, slang, neologism) One who opposes the idea of Brexit and wishes the United Kingdom to remain a member of the European Union.
    • 2016 June 11, Rachel Johnson, “RACHEL JOHNSON: Just stop picking on my big brother! (But, sorry Boris, I'm still voting In)”, in The Daily Mail[1]:
      Though no Remainiac, I will vote in.
    • 2016 June 23, Greg Taylor, “If the EU referendum were a competition in branding, which side would win?”, in The Drum[2]:
      Nevertheless, given that my proxy vote is safely secured back in Blighty, an international festival for creativity provides perfect context to ask the question, 'If the EU referendum were a competition in branding, which camp would win?’ Who gets your branding vote, Brexiteer or Remainiac?
    • 2017 August 2, Chris Campbell, “What was the point? Ferrari slates Remainiac in Brexit row for trying to ruin the Proms”, in Daily Express:
    • 2017 August 14, Julia Rampen, “5 unmissable Nigel Farage scenes from Bad Boys of Brexit: The Movie”, in New Statesman:
      Together, they’ve conquered Middle England and seen of the Remainiacs.