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A combination of Rose and Mary, referring to the flower as a symbol of Virgin Mary, first recorded in the eighteenth century. It is found in continental Europe as Rosemarie and Rosa Maria. After mid-nineteenth century when flower names became common it may also refer to the herb rosemary, Latin ros marinus "dew of the sea".

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1860 Jedediah Vincent Huntington, Rosemary: or, Life or Death, D.&J. Sadler, Co., 1860, page 175:
      "And you - you darling!" - addressing the astonished Rosemary - "will you love your grandmamma? Kiss me, my child." - - -
      "Oh, you tell fibs!" cried the child. "My name is Rose Marie Romarin - is it not, Grandpa?"
    • 1985 Alice Munro, The Progress of Love, Chatto&Windus 1987, →ISBN, page 53:
      Rosemary. A sweet dark name, though finally a shrill trite woman.