Serena Slam

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Serena (Serena Williams) +‎ slam (grand slam) From Serena Williams who achieved the feat (though she was not the first) and was greatly celebrated for it.


Serena Slam (plural Serena Slams)

  1. (tennis) A type of grand slam in tennis, where a player is reigning champion of all the major tournaments at the same time, but not all the tournaments have occurred in the same tennis season/calendar year.

Coordinate terms[edit]

  • Tiger Slam (the same feat in golf, named after Tiger Woods)
  • grand slam (a conventional grand slam requires the player to be reigning champion of all major tournaments in the same calendar year/sports season)
  • grand slam (one of the major tournaments)
  • grand slam (all of the major tournaments collectively)
  • slam (one of the major tournaments)
  • career grand slam (a player having won all major tournaments at least once in their playing career)