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Set +‎ -ian


Setian (comparative more Setian, superlative most Setian)

  1. Of or relating to the Egyptian god Set
    • 1914, Percy E. Newberry, “Notes on some Egyptian Nome Ensigns and their Historical Significance” in Ancient Egypt, 1914 issue, page 6:
      The Oryx was one of the Setian animals and it was perhaps during the wars of the “Followers of Horus” (i.e., the Falcon people) with the Set clan, towards the end of the IInd Dynasty, that this conquest took place.
    • 1959, Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, page 20:
      Under the New Empire Rameses II, whose father was named Seti, the ‘Setian’, did not hesitate to proclaim himself the ‘Beloved of Set’.
    • 1970, Henry O. Thompson, Mekal, the God of Beth-Shan, page 135:
      At any rate, Muller goes on to note that when the myth was related to the sea, the latter changed from Osirian to Anti-Osirian, i.e. “Setian” or, Typhonic, to use the later Greek form.
    Synonyms: Sethian, Typhonic, Typhonian
    Antonyms: Osirian, Horian
  2. Of or relating to the Temple of Set, its members, or its doctrines


Setian (plural Setians)

  1. A member of the Temple of Set, an occultist organization following the left-hand path.