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Map including part of 陝西省 SHENSI PROVINCE (AMS, 1955)

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (obsolete) Alternative form of Shaanxi: the Chinese province.
    • 1878, Thomas Rawson Birks translating Franz Delitzsch's citation of Neumann in his Commentary on the Book of Isaiah, p. 247:
      The name Θῖναι, Strabo, Σῖναι, Ptol., Τζίνιτζα, Kosmas, did not obtain currency first from the founder of the dynasty Tsin; but, long before this, Tsin was the name of a feudal kingdom in Shensi, one of the western provinces of the Sinese land, and Feitsa, the first feudal King of Tsin, began to reign as early as b.c. 897.
    • 1938, Berthold Laufer, The American Plant Migration Part I: The Potato[1], page 72:
      In the subprefecture Ting-yüan *[定遠] in the prefecture of Han-chung *[漢中], Shensi Province, according to the local chronicle, "there are four varieties of potato- red, white, yellow, and black. It thrives in the high mountains; it is fond of dry places, but dreads water. It may be taken with rice or used as a vegetable."
    • 1948, Bernward H. Willeke, Imperial Government and Catholic Missions in China During the Years 1784-1785[2], St. Bonaventure, New York: Franciscan Institute, page 50:
      About the middle of September 1784 ³ T'ê-ch'êng-o received the report from Hsiang-yang of the capture of the four missionaries, which charged them with going to Shensi to help the rebellious Mohammedans.