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A Shimerian discussion


From Shimer +‎ -ian



Shimerian ‎(comparative more Shimerian, superlative most Shimerian)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Shimer College
    • 1966 September 7, “Shimer College”:
      Students approach athletics at the College in a typically unusual, but very "Shimerian" way. When the school's basketball team finally won a game this spring after a national record of 62 consecutive losses students didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
    • 1998 June 22, Frank Abderholden, “"Hibiscus Heist" Leaves College Stumped, Without Mascot”:
      A reward for the plant is being offered, in true "Shimerian fashion," said Buchanan.
    • 2007 Spring, “Carol J. Overby '72, College Professor”, page 15:
      Carol’s path to Shimer and then Parsons is quintessentially Shimerian.


Shimerian ‎(plural Shimerians)

  1. A person who is associated with Shimer College
    • 1965 July 25, “Shimer”, page H36:
      But for Palmer and 396 other Shimerians, there are no such simple answers, no values in face values, and few thoughts, deeds, or situations undeserving of analysis and explanation.
    • 1976 May 3, Gene I. Maeroff, “Illinois College Defies Premature Reports and Clings to Life”:
      Such a suggestion is scoffed at by Shimerians who maintain that they have the will to stave off institutional death.
    • 2008 Fall, “Life After Shimer Discussion Group”, page 14:
      For the last six years a group of Shimer alums together with some honorary Shimerians have been meeting once a month in Evanston.

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