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Solar (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to the Sun (the star Sol).
    • 1906, Filipe Valle, in Arthur Schuster (editor), Transactions of the International Union for Co-operation in Solar Research, Volume I, [Victoria] University [of Manchester] Press, page 115:
      We have not yet the instruments that we want for that work, but I have asked for a Solar spectrograph, and I am already in the preliminary talkings to order a spectroheliograph []
    • 2001, John J. Matese et al., "Oort cloud flux due to the Galactic tide", in Mikhail Ya. Marov and Hans Rickman (editors), Collisional Processes in the Solar System, Kluwer Academic Publishers, →ISBN, page 93:
      Values at the Solar location (Merrifield, 1992) are denoted by the subscript ○, and the present epoch is t ≡ 0, []
    • 2004, M. A. C. Perryman, “Our Galaxy in three-dimensions: the Jeremiah Horrocks Memorial Lecture”, in D.W. Kurtz (editor), Transits of Venus: New Views of the Solar System and Galaxy, Cambridge University Press (2005), →ISBN, page 318:
      Here our knowledge is somewhat more certain, especially in the local Solar neighbourhood.
    • 2004, T. V. Kazachevskaya et al., “Measurments[sic] of Solar EUV fluxes on board the ‘CORONAS’ satellites: equipment and main results”, in Alexander V. Stepanov et al. (editors), Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar Activity: Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 223, 2004, Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 633:
      Data on absolute values of Solar flux in the wave-range λ < 130nm and in the hydrogen line Lα (λ = 121.6nm) were obtained on-board both CORONAS satellites.

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