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Mercury +‎ -ian



  1. of or relating to Mercury (the planet)


Mercurian (plural Mercurians)

  1. (science fiction) An inhabitant of the planet Mercury.
  2. One who is mercurial.
    • 1995, Man, Myth & Magic:
      When a Mercurian is connected with the arts, it is often possible to discern a lack of the heavy, thoroughgoing seriousness which some artists seem to feel is the least that life deserves.
    • 2000, Madame La Roux, The Practice of Classical Palmistry, ISBN 8120817176, page 113:
      The thumb of a Mercurian has a tendency to be stiff, as they love money and may have difficulty sharing it.
    • 2016, Ellen Goldberg & Dorian Bergen, The Art and Science of Hand Reading, ISBN 1620551551:
      Unfortunately yellow color is not unusual to find in the palm of a Mercurian.