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Swedo- +‎ -phone


Swedophone (not comparable)

  1. Swedish-speaking.
    • 2007, Bjarne Thorup Thomsen, Centring on the Peripheries[1], page 40:
      The Swedophone part of the population (approximately 13 percent in 1900)
    • 2015, Lonely Planet Scandinavia, [2]:
      Over half the population are Swedophone in Jakobstad (Finnish: Pietarsaari), one of the most distinctive and enchanting spots on this part of the Finnish west coast known as parallelsverige (parallel Sweden).
    • 2016, The Reception of Byzantium in European Culture since 1500, [3]:
      Studies in Swedophone Literature and Culture



Swedophone (plural Swedophones)

  1. A speaker of Swedish.
    • 2005, Sabrina P. Ramet, Thinking about Yugoslavia[4], page 311:
      Swedophones may turn to the works of Christian Palme and Bo Pellnäs.
    • 2006, Carl O. Nordling, Finland: The Making of a Nation, page 98:
      These people would then have been forced to abandon their language and become Swedophones.
    • 2007, Bjarne Thorup Thomsen, Centring on the Peripheries[5], page 42:
      To ensure the survival of their language, the Swedophones now had to assert their right to be part of that country