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Can someone explain to me where I have to look if I want to translate nice in the meaning of "cool". Thanks Mallerd 17:11, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

nice meaning: satisfying, rich, voluptuous[edit]

I was looking at a bottle of wine up for auction one day and idly commented to a fellow on-looker, "That looks like a nice bottle of wine." He responded, "Why does everyone say a 'nice' wine or a 'nice' meal?" I had noticed this phenomenon too, and I have thought about this, and I conclude that there is a definition for "nice" which is not yet expressed in our lexicon, and further that this new meaning is probably one of the most common usages today. I suggest that the word "nice" means "satisfying, rich or voluptuous" as in....

  • It's cold outside; come in and have a nice cup of coffee.
  • She has nice tits.
  • That looks like a nice bottle of wine.
  • I've been working all day; I need a nice meal.
  • I got a nice chunck of change for my car.
Well. I agree, on native speaker intuition, with the assessment that there's a usage of "nice" that isn't as unimpassioned as a straight reading of definitions 7 and 8 suggest. But I hesitate to count it as a new sense yet; this seems like only a range of connotations of one sense to me, with pragmatics giving a helping hand. That said, go ahead and add it if you want (with good citations for full credit). 4pq1injbok 23:51, 27 April 2011 (UTC)