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RFV discussion: July 2015[edit]

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RFV-sense "(slang) A student of Cambridge University." Tagged but apparently not listed. - -sche (discuss) 08:34, 16 July 2015 (UTC)

It seems to be attested in both letter-case forms:

  • 1995 January 20, Paul Thomas, “Re: >Re: Those 'orrible Tabs”, in, Usenet[1] ((Please specify the language of the quote)):
    You should have been there---it was a good race. Just to clarify matters for the hard of understanding, the tabs led for about 1500m before turning to shrapnel, and Oxford eventually won by 3/4 length.
  • 1995 February 7, "Laser Cartridge" [username], “Re: Cambridge News, again.”, in, Usenet[2] ((Please specify the language of the quote)):
    Before Rachel gets in with a stab at the Tabs' coxing efforts, may I say that my experience of coxes on the Isis is somewhat similar.
  • 1998 January 17, whitey [username], “Re: Tab bashing (was University Challenge - Its pish)”, in, Usenet[3] ((Please specify the language of the quote)):
    Plus, there's always been a healthy rivalry between the tabs and us, but I'm sure this has nothing to do with it ;-)
  • 2002 March 27, The Guv'nor [username], “Re: My target this week was...”, in uk.rec.bodybuilding, Usenet[4] ((Please specify the language of the quote)):
    I hope the Tabs get beaten! :-) I support Oxford for no real reason but they have a bad habit of losing to Cambridge recently.
  • 2002 March 29, Caroline Smith, “Re: Lifejackets thread returns... [was Re: Boat Race]”, in, Usenet[5] ((Please specify the language of the quote)):
    I have nothing against the girl (other than the fact she's a tab!), but it does strike me as a little daft!!
  • 2006 March 30, JY [username], “Veterans Boat Race (that's Oxford, England vs Cambridge, England)”, in, Usenet[6] ((Please specify the language of the quote)):
    Anybody know who won? ¶ Or should that be, how much did the Tabs win by? ;-)

Einstein2 (talk) 10:02, 16 July 2015 (UTC)

Excellent work. RFV-passed. - -sche (discuss) 02:37, 17 July 2015 (UTC)

Tablet of drugs sense (like Ecstasy tabs) - ety split?[edit]

Is it a shortening of "tablet"? If so, it should be under a separate etymology. Equinox 09:59, 26 April 2018 (UTC)