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I do not see the need for a separate entry for "the dickens," when the word itself ("dickens") covers exactly the same ground. I vote for a redirect to the "dickens" entry. —This comment was unsigned.

Thanks for persisting. We have had trouble with entries like this. See the fuck, the hell, the Devil, Sam Hill. Also various entries beginning "what the". Particularly, see Talk:what the fuck, Talk:what the Sam Hill, Talk:what the dickens, and Talk:what the...?. As you can see we are not consistent across entries and we have not entered all the redirects that we thought were a good idea. If you would like to reopen this, you could:
  1. start at WT:TR with a general discussion of this group of entries
  2. put {{rfd}} in one of the entries and start a request for deletion discussion.

Looking forward to your contribution. DCDuring TALK 15:03, 4 October 2010 (UTC)