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From Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for 大同 (Dàtóng), Wade–Giles romanization: Ta⁴-tʻung².

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative form of Datong (China)
    • 1964, Clubb, O. Edmund, 20th Century China[1], Columbia University Press, →ISBN, →OCLC, page 221:
      The Japanese forces went on to an easy conquest of Tatung, commanding the gateway into Shansi Province, because Yen Hsi-shan's relative General Li Fu-ying, was chiefly interested in preserving his strength and abandoned the fortress town without a fight.
    • 1972, Shabad, Theodore, China's Changing Map[2], New York: Frederick A. Praeger, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 233:
      The most important coal basin is Tatung, in the extreme north of the province, where good bituminous coal, partly suitable for coking, is mined. The modern development of Tatung began in the early 1920's, after the coal basin had been reached by the railroad from Peking. The early mines were situated at Kowchüan, 10 miles southwest of Tatung.
    • 1978 July 16, “Anti-Communist actions escalate”, in Free China Weekly[3], volume XIX, number 29, Taipei, →ISSN, →OCLC, page 3:
      According to the report, a bomb planted by an anti-Communist group in a theater at Tatung in Shansi Province on My 21 killed 29 Communist commune cadres and 15 others were seriously injured, while more than 100 people suffered slight injuries.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:Tatung.
  2. Alternative form of Datong (Taipei, Taiwan)
    • 1973 March 25, “Work gets under way on sewers for Taipei”, in 自由中國週報 [Free China Weekly]‎[4], volume XIV, number 11, Taipei, →ISSN, →OCLC, page 2, column 1:
      He said the other project features construction of a branch sewage collection system in the Wanhua and Tatung districts, where an urban renewal program is in progress.
    • 1996, Marsh, Robert M., “Solidarity with Extended Kin”, in The Great Transformation: Social Change in Taipei, Taiwan Since the 1960s[5], M.E. Sharpe, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 150:
      In 1991, Taan again had the lowest percent of Taiwanese households (63%) and Tatung the highest (86%).
    • 2002, Hsiao, Hsin-Huang Micahel; Hwa-Jen Liu, “Collective Action toward a Sustainable City: Citizens' Movements and Environmental Politics in Taipei”, in Peter Evans, editor, Livable Cities? Urban Struggles for Livelihood and Sustainability[6], University of California Press, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 82:
      Also, the city government’s Department of Urban Development proposed various redevelopment projects that showed concern for the preservation of traditional landscape and historical architecture. For example, two old and historically significant districts of Taipei city (Tihua Street and the Tatung District) are expected to be economically revitalized and to attract cultural tourism.
    • 2003, Simon, Scott, “Women in a Flower-Drinking World”, in Sweet and Sour: Life Worlds of Taipei Women Entrepreneurs[7], Rowman & Littlefield, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 192:
      I visited the Taipei Bridge Teahouse twice: once with a group of businessmen and once with a group of acquaintances whom I knew enjoyed flower drinking. The teahouse was in the alleys of Taipei’s historical Tatung District.
    • 2022 January 22, “Taoyuan, Taipei disclose places visited by COVID-19 patients”, in Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, U.S.A.[8], archived from the original on 14 October 2022[9]:
      In Taipei, meanwhile, the city government said Thursday that at least three of the nine patients had visited two clinics in the city's Tatung District and Soochow University campus in Zhongzhen District, as well as the Uni-President Department Store, Breeze Xin Yi shopping mall and Chun Shui Tang restaurant at the National Concert Hall.
    • 2022 September 28, Shan, Shelley, “Tourism Bureau mulls subsidies for hotels”, in Taipei Times[10], archived from the original on 28 September 2022[11]:
      A man walks past the cordoned off entrance to a quarantine hotel in Taipei’s Tatung District yesterday.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:Tatung.
  3. Alternative form of Datong (Yilan County, Taiwan)
    • 1963, Taiwan's Health[12], Department of Health, Taiwan Provincial Government, Republic of China, →OCLC, page 57:
      Sand flies: Only one male of Phlebotomus species, similar to P. dicipiens, was recorded from Tuchang, Tatung township in Ilan county in 1939 by Tokunaga.
    • 1975 January 19, “Taiwan cement for home use”, in 自由中國週報 [Free China Weekly]‎[13], volume XVI, number 3, Taipei, →ISSN, →OCLC, page 1, column 4:
      To encourage cement companies to establish new factories in the Ilan, Hualien and Tatung areas in northeast Taiwan, the government has ruled that any kiln with annual production capacity exceeding 400,000 metric tons will receive the benefits of the Statute for Encouragement of Investment.
    • 1994, “Investigation of An Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Su-Chi Village, Ilan County”, in Epidemiology Bulletin[14], number 10-11, Executive Yuan, Department of Health, Bureau of Disease Control, →ISSN, →OCLC, page 80:
      In the period between February 1993 and 13 January 1994, there were 11 acute hepatitis A patients in the Saint Mary's Hospital. In addition to the 8 of the present incident, 3 had the inflection in March 1993, and they are not residents of Tatung Township.
    • 2014 February 14, Shih, Chih-ju; Jake Chung, “Tatung man keeps Atayal culture alive with weekend class”, in Taipei Times[15], archived from the original on 15 April 2014[16]:
      Over the past 12 years, Wang Yung-hsiung (王永雄) — an Atayal from Tatung Township’s (大同) Sungluo community in Yilan County — has taught hundreds of students in northern Taiwan.
    • 2018 November 29, Tso, Natalie, “VIDEO: Taiwan promotes domestic tourism with youth subsidies”, in Radio Taiwan International[17], archived from the original on 15 October 2022[18]:
      Cherry blossoms in Yilan's Tatung Township
    • 2021 April 24, Cheng, Ching-Tse, “Construction worker hit by TRA train in northeast Taiwan”, in Taiwan News[19], archived from the original on 24 April 2021, Society‎[20]:
      According to railway police, a man in his 50s, surnamed Wang (), was hit by the No. 405 Taroko Express train running from Tatung to Shulin, New Taipei, at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, near the Wuta Station in Yilan.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:Tatung.


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Proper noun[edit]

Tatung n (proper noun, genitive Tatungs or (optionally with an article) Tatung)

  1. Alternative spelling of Datong
    • 1976, Cartier, Raymond, Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg Mächte u. Männer ; 1945 - 1965[21], →ISBN, →OCLC, page 181:
      In Shansi blockierten sie in Tatung eine bedeutende Regierungsgarnison.
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