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In entries for kanji (Japanese characters), this template generates a headword, shows the grade of the kanji (see w:Kyōiku kanji § List by grade), and shows a floating box with the category of terms that use the kanji. It uses the kanji function in Module:ja to generate the headword and the grade link.


See Template:ja-kanjitab if you are looking for the table.

Use this template for single kanji, to show the grade and add the character to the appropriate category. Use the following after the ===Kanji=== header:

{{ja-kanji|rs= |grade= |shin= |kyu= }}

E.g. for :


This template also categorizes the entry in Category:Japanese kanji, and the appropriate grade, which are sorted by radical/stroke.


Wikipedia has an article on:
  • |grade= Determined automatically, but may be overridden with 1 (grade 1), 2 (grade 2), 3 (grade 3), 4 (grade 4), 5 (grade 5), 6 (grade 6), 7 or c (secondary school), 8 or n (jinmeiyō), 9 or uc (hyōgaiji). In the case of kanji that exist only as radicals, the value 0 or r must be manually specified.

If a kanji has either a shinjitai or kyūjitai form, you may link to it in the same way as the headword templates as follows:

  • |shin= Links to the shinjitai form of the current kanji.
  • |kyu= Links to the kyūjitai form of the current kanji.

For example, for :


But for :