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li-adj (comparative li-adjer, superlative li-adjs, predicative superlative 't li-adjs)

This template is designed for the lemma of all Limburgish adjectives.


Only use this template for the adjective's lemma entry (gróndjvórm).

This template should be placed in all Limburgish adjective sections, immediately following the ===Adjective=== section header. It provides the inflection line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Limburgish adjectives.

As with other Wiktionary inflection templates, please do not use subst:.


For regular adjectives, this template requires no parameters. Adjectives with a stem change, changes to accents, or irregular patterns require one or more of the named parameters.

If the inflected forms are not known, use instead {{head|li|adjective}} to generate the inflection line.

Named parameters[edit]

Fully regular adjectives do not require these parameters, although they may be used. Stem-changing adjectives and irregular adjectives will require one or more named parameters, as follows:

{{{comp}}} - comparative form
{{{sup}}} - superlative form
{{{sup2}}} - predicate superlative form (do not include 't)
{{{stem}}} - shared stem of the comparative and superlative, when different from the "ground form"


  • stem change, irregular comparative - vet (fat), uses stem= and comp= (doubled consonant)
    {{ li-adj | stem=vèt | comp=vètter }}
    vet (comparative vètter; superlatives: vèts, predicate form 't vèts)
    Note: This entry could also be done using the following
    {{ li-adj | comp=vètter | sup=vèts | sup2=vèts }}