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From hel +‎ -s.


  • IPA(key): /ɦɛls/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɛls


hels (comparative helser, superlative meest hels or helst)

  1. (literally) hellish, in or related to hell
    Deze schilder had een voorliefde voor helse taferelen.
    This painter had a predilection for scenes featuring hell.
  2. diabolically horrible, gruesome
  3. devilishly extreme, intense
    Opeens klonk er een hels kabaal vanuit het café. Ik nam aan dat de band dus nog op tijd was gekomen.
    Suddenly an enormous uproar sounded from the café. So I supposed that the band had still made it in time.
  4. chemically aggressive
    Dat is helse steen.
    That is hellish stone (i.e. silver nitrate).


Inflection of hels
uninflected hels
inflected helse
comparative helser
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial hels helser het helst
het helste
indefinite m./f. sing. helse helsere helste
n. sing. hels helser helste
plural helse helsere helste
definite helse helsere helste
partitive hels helsers

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]



  1. imperative of helsa