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(religions) religion; animism,‎ Asatru,‎ Bahá'í Faith,‎ Buddhism,‎ Cao Dai,‎ Christianity,‎ Confucianism,‎ deism,‎ Druidry,‎ Eckankar,‎ Heathenry,‎ Hinduism,‎ religious humanism,‎ Islam,‎ Jainism,‎ Judaism,‎ LaVeyanism,‎ Luciferianism,‎ New Age,‎ paganism,‎ Raëlism,‎ Rastafarianism,‎ santería,‎ Scientology,‎ shamanism,‎ Shinto,‎ Sikhism,‎ Spiritism,‎ Taoism,‎ Tengrism,‎ Tenrikyo,‎ Thelema,‎ Unitarian Universalism,‎ Wicca,‎ Yoruba,‎ Zoroastrianism (Category: en:Religion) [edit]

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This is a list of religions in the English language.


* {{list:religions/en}}

This list in all languages and scripts[edit]

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