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lld-adj m


This template creates head-word lines for Ladin language adjectives. It adds the entry to Category:Ladin adjectives and display the adjective’s inflected forms. If an inflected form is missing, it adds the entry to Category:Ladin terms needing attention and displays a request for the form.


Manual inflection:

plural form;
feminine form;
feminine plural form.

Automatic inflection:



alternative head-word. If nothing is set, defaults to the page title;
a string to sort the entry in Category:Ladin adjectives;
gender, if not masculine singular.

Automatic inflection[edit]

Automatic inflections are stored as subpages of {{lld-adj}} in the following format: Template:lld-adj/SUFFIX/FORM, where FORM is pl for plural, f for feminine and fpl for feminine plural. For example, for the suffix -dl (as in vedl), the pages are the following:


bon m (feminine singular bona, masculine plural bons, feminine plural bones)

vedl m (feminine singular vedla, masculine plural vedli, feminine plural vedles)

poscibl m (feminine singular poscibla, masculine plural poscibli, feminine plural poscibles)

scempl m (feminine singular scempla, masculine plural scempli, feminine plural scemples)

douc m (feminine singular douca, masculine plural douc, feminine plural douches)

blanch m (feminine singular blancia, masculine plural blanc, feminine plural blances)

lerch m (feminine singular lergia, masculine plural lercs, feminine plural lerges)

tiebe m (feminine singular tiebia, masculine plural tiebesc, feminine plural tiebes)

amalé m (feminine singular amaleda, masculine plural amalés, feminine plural amaledas)

saurì m (feminine singular saurida, masculine plural sauris, feminine plural saurides)

menù m (feminine singular menuda, masculine plural menus, feminine plural menudas)

cheder m (feminine singular chedra, masculine plural cheders, feminine plural chedres)

nuef m (feminine singular nueva, masculine plural nuefs, feminine plural nueves)

sotil m (feminine singular sotila, masculine plural sotii, feminine plural sotiles)

bravo m (feminine singular brava, masculine plural bravi, feminine plural braves)

gop m (feminine singular goba, masculine plural gops, feminine plural gobas)

curious m (feminine singular curiousa, masculine plural curiousc, feminine plural curiousas)

bass m (feminine singular bassa, masculine plural basc, feminine plural bassas)

grisc m (feminine singular grija, masculine plural grisc, feminine plural grijas)

fosch m (feminine singular foscia, masculine plural fosc, feminine plural fosces)

vert m (feminine singular verda, masculine plural verc, feminine plural verdas)

paz m (feminine singular pasa, masculine plural pac, feminine plural pases)


  • If you plan to change the format or usage of the positional or keyword parameters of this template, please leave a message of the talk page of User:SemperBlottoBot so that the bot can be modified to reflect those changes.