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Gruundfoarm: stq-verb-conj-lnr-je-x
Infinitive: tou stq-verb-conj-lnr-je-xn
Present tense Past tense
iek {{{1}}}je {{{2}}} wie {{{1}}}je {{{2}}} iek {{{1}}}de {{{2}}} wie {{{1}}}den {{{2}}}
du {{{1}}}st {{{2}}} jie {{{1}}}je {{{2}}} du {{{1}}}dest {{{2}}} jie {{{1}}}den {{{2}}}
hie/ju/dät {{{1}}}t {{{2}}} jo {{{1}}}je {{{2}}} hie/ju/dät {{{1}}}de {{{2}}} jo {{{1}}}den {{{2}}}
Present participle Imperative Auxiliary Past participle
stq-verb-conj-lnr-je-xnd Singular: {{{1}}}e {{{2}}} hääbe {{{2}}}{{{1}}}d
Plural: {{{1}}}jet {{{2}}}

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