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Timonize +‎ -ation, from the 5th-century BC person Timon of Athens (as described by Plutarch, Lucian, Aristophanes), possibly by way of William Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens (c. 1607). Used by Raymond Ronald Long in his study The Hidden Sun (1965).


Timonization (plural Timonizations)

  1. The transformation of someone into a bitter misanthrope, a Timonist, like Timon of Athens.
    • 1965, Raymond Ronald Long, The Hidden Sun:[1]
      Among these lesser tragic influences the misanthropic concept of Timonization which seemed to obsess Melville so, and which has its origin in Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, is mentioned twice in Pierre [...]
    • 1996, Christopher Sten, The Weaver-God, He Weaves:[2]
      [The second half of Melville's Pierre] describes his growing misanthropy, his "Timonization" [...]




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