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Alternative forms[edit]



Titanean (not comparable)

  1. (mythology) Of the Titans, literally or figuratively.
    • J.G. Strutt, 1814, English translation of Milton, 1626, "On the fifth of November"
      Here is the lofty tower of Titanean Fame
    • 1861, First biennial report of the progress of the geological survey of Michigan
      [The sandstone] is broken into immense angular fragments forty feet and less, in diameter, which lie about like the work of Titanean quarrymen.
  2. (astronomy) Of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.
    • Luz et al. "Latitudinal transport by barotropic waves in Titan's stratosphere", Icarus 166 (2003) 343–358
      for Titan the shallow-atmosphere approximation is a much poorer one (8% of the titanean radius).


Titanean (plural Titaneans)

  1. (science fiction) An inhabitant of Titan (the Saturnian moon)