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Donald Trump (2016)
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From Trump +‎ -ism.

Proper noun[edit]

Trumpism (uncountable)

  1. The philosophy and politics espoused by Donald Trump.
    • 2018 April 16, Omar G. Encarnación, “The Trumpification of the Latin American Right”, in Foreign Policy:
      Given Latin America’s right-wing turn’s affinities with Trumpism, it is tempting to see it as part of the global wave of right-wing populism making its way through the United States and Western Europe.
    • 2018 December 3, Paul Krugman, “Climate Denial Was the Crucible for Trumpism”, in New York Times:
      In fact, when you review the history of Republican climate denial, it looks a lot like Trumpism.



Trumpism (plural Trumpisms)

  1. A characteristic phrase or statement made by Donald Trump.
    • 2016 June 5, Eric Bradner and Phil Mattingly, "Growing fear inside GOP about Trump," CNN (retrieved 5 June 2016):
      "That was just painful," said one Republican official who . . . added that the reality is McConnell—and Ryan and every Republican in a leadership position or facing an election challenge—"will be stuck dealing with the latest Trumpism every interview of every day, of every month until November."