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Donald Trump (2016)


From Trump +‎ -ian.



Trumpian (comparative more Trumpian, superlative most Trumpian)

  1. Resembling or pertaining to the philosophy, rhetoric, and style of Donald Trump (born 1946), the American president, business and real-estate magnate, socialite, author, and television personality.
    • 2006 December 14, Kurt Andersen, “Because . . . Trump!”, in New York[1], volume 39, page 41:
      Good times … but then, a couple of weeks ago, Daffy was suddenly sputtering at us again. Such a magnificent Trumpian performance, such an unexpected gift, such bliss. The venue, of course, was “Page Six.”
    • 2017, Elise Jordan, Time, 31 January:
      Operating in a command climate of Trumpian instability, the most senior and public White House officials are party to profoundly destabilizing acts.
    • 2018, David Brody, Scott Lamb, The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography, →ISBN:
      The made-up "bible verses" were of course in the form of Trumpian tweets.
    • 2020, Garrett Epps, The Atlantic, Chuck Schumer Needs to Watch Himself, 6 March:
      Beyond that, Schumer’s threat was Trumpiana judge who displeases me will pay a price. His retraction was equally Trumpian: I didn’t threaten anyone. It would be okay if I had because in Brooklyn we threaten people all the time, but those aren’t threats, and anyway I would never, ever do what I just did.



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Trumpian (plural Trumpians)

  1. (somewhat uncommon) A political supporter of Donald Trump.
    Synonyms: Trumper, Trumpist, Trumpster