Turkish bread

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Turkish bread (uncountable)

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see Turkish,‎ bread.
    • 2008, Joseph J. Conte, Time to Say Goodbye[1], page 151:
      The Turkish breads are cornbread, Pide (a broad, round, and flat bread made of wheat), Lavash, Tandır bread (baked on the inner walls of a round oven called tandır), Bazlama, and Simit (also known as “gevrek”), another type of ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds.
  2. (Australia) A broad, round and flat bread made from wheat, sometimes considered a type of pita; pide.
    • 2008, Charles Rawlings-Way, Meg Worby, Gabi Mocatta, Tasmania, Lonely Planet, 5th Edition, page 43,
      They devour sandwiches for lunch, with most sandwich fillings in cafés now coming on grilled, fancy-pants Italian bread such as focaccia, on bagels, or on Turkish bread (also known as pide).


  • (broad, round and flat bread made from wheat): pide


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