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Alternative forms[edit]


US +‎ -ian



US-ian (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of or pertaining to the United States of America.
    • 1944, Frieda Meredith Dietz, editor, The Southern Literary Messenger, volume 6, page 157:
      Let us be urged to make our homes in Latin America, establishing US-ian colonies even as our present enemies entrenched themselves there.


Derived terms[edit]


US-ian (plural US-ians)

  1. (rare) An inhabitant or citizen of the United States of America.
    • 1998, Stephen Garrard Post & Peter J. Whitehouse, Genetic testing for Alzheimer disease: ethical and clinical issues‎, 2nd edition, Johns Hopkins University Press, page 266:
      The belief that there is a culture to which a majority of (European-American) USians belong, called "white culture," is a local cultural construction, one powereful enough to influence science and society


Usage notes[edit]

A sporadic nonce term. The hyphen tends to be used as an attributive, but as a substantive.

The similar-looking Usian (/ˈjuːʒən/), which differs only in capitalization, is a separate word, one that never got beyond the proposal stage.[2]



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