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Alternative forms[edit]


A pun on Multics to sound like eunuchs, as Unix was considered to be an emasculated Multics (see multi- and uni-). Probably coined by Brian Kernighan in 1970.



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Unix (plural Unixes or Unices or Unixen)

  1. (computing) A computer operating system that shares the original source code by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, currently owned by Novell.
    Synonym: UNIX
    Hyponyms: BSD, A/UX, DG/UX, HP-UX
  2. (computing) An operating system largely compatible with Unix that qualifies for use of the UNIX trademark, currently owned by The Open Group.
    Synonym: UNIX
  3. (computing, informal) The above plus Unix-like operating systems similar to Unix but not qualifying for use of the UNIX trademark.
    Synonym: unix
    Hyponyms: Linux, Minix, GNU Hurd
    GNU is not Unix.
  4. (computing) The group of Unix operating systems as a whole.
    Synonym: unix
    The Linux kernel operating system is one of the most popular forms of Unix.


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