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Those who know nothing of foreign languages, knows nothing of their own.

This user is currently working on
9000 for Hindi (and related lects), expand Punjabi, Gujarati, simple additions to Marathi, usual Sanskrit, PIIr; also Indo-Aryan transliteration modules.

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Hello! I'm an admin here. I can help out with most Indian languages.

Yes, I speak American English. It's a long story.

Languages I know:


Add Hindi words from

Figure out the deal with Hindustani and the regional Hindi dialects; perhaps something like {{zh-dial-syn}} that also automatically grabs Urdu spellings from Hindi headword line templates would be a solution.

There are more Macedonian entries than Hindi entries...

Languages of the Eighth Schedule and Provincial languages of Pakistan
Language Lemmas
Telugu 13,884
Hindi 8,114
Sanskrit 2,956
Urdu 2,144
Bengali 1,945
Gujarati 1,935
Pashto 1,001
Tamil 971
Nepali 735
Kannada 636
Punjabi 562
Marathi 471
Baluchi 375
Assamese 468
Malayalam 254
Konkani 232
Sindhi 127
Kashmiri 97
Oriya 91
Santali 84
Maithili 65
Bodo 56
Dogri 10
Manipuri 2

  • Figure out how to add Indian Sign Language ins
  • insource:/\#\: \{\{lang\|hi/



  • GenAm (maybe a little Southern accent?) English.
  • Delhi Hindi, with (ŕ) as [ɾɪ].
    • (ai) and (au) are monophthongs.
  • Beijing Mandarin Chinese.
  • Mexican Spanish.
  • North Indian Classical Sanskrit.
  • Majhi Punjabi.


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