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I may ask if this should be put into Wiktionary space with a drive on improving Help and information pages.


Entry pages
Each entry page in Wiktionary is case sensitive, Pension (a German word) is not the same as pension in English.
Wiktionary hardly ever uses redirects. Misspellings and Alternative spellings should be clearly marked and information can be added to those entries.
Wiktionary does not have disambiguation pages, all words that are composed of the same string of letters are put onto the same page.
Style guidelines
Our Entry layout explained is a policy, it must be followed.
We use our Criteria for inclusion in much the same way - though it is more quantitative.
Three revert rule
This does not exist. If you can't resolve a dispute ask a sysop to step in and resolve it for you.
Cleanup tags
We have {{rfc}}, {{rfv}}, {{rfd}}, and {{delete}} for cleanup, verification, possible deletion, and speedy deletion.
We have WT:PREFS instead, which predates gadgets by several years.
Discussion rooms
We have an Information desk, a Tea room (for discussing specific entries), the Beer parlour (your Village pump), and the Grease pit (for technical questions). Wiktionary usually uses these four forums for discussion instead of entries' talkpages. A question posted on an entry's talk page is likely to go unnoticed.

Please note[edit]

Lots of Wikipedians have got here, thought they know their way around, and started changing things as though they were still on Wikipedia: they end up blocked. If you want to migrate here please realise that, even if you rank higher than Jimbo himself over there, you are a newbie here for at least a month, probably closer to six.