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Hello World

My name is Eric Jordan Mattos, and I am a writer.

The Language of Words[edit]

Having been writing for years, I have developed a strong respect for the structure of written English and the unequivocal significance of language in expression and understanding. I believe that our words are the tools that we need to learn, and express ourselves. My vocabulary is only somewhat comprehensive, but the continual expansion and solidification of it is something that I feel is necessary to develop as a writer and a person. I believe that Wiktionary has unlimited potential, and I've already experienced its value as a language database. My hope is that it will continue to be expanded upon for many years to come, so it may fully step out of the shadow of its larger sibling, as a prominent source for the world's language needs. Those who have decided to become a part of it ensure that it will one day reach completion. I have absolute respect for the team of engineers, scholars, and scribes who made this database possible, and I believe I share their grandiose vision for this project. What I have to offer is merely an honest alternative perspective on written english that always attempts to uphold the grammatical – and lexical – standards that make the interpretation of words and the perception of meaning possible.

My Beliefs[edit]

I am a student, with a background in Psychology and English who believes Language is essential to sophistication and that Wiktionary can supply the resources necessary for us to become better learners and communicators. I'm a firm believer that absolute knowledge and understanding can be uncovered by anyone, anywhere, regardless their education. True knowledge does not solely dwell in the medium, it can also be awakened intrinsically by channeling its biogenetic source. I see the emergence of broad cosmopolitan databases like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Wikisaurus as stepping stones to archiving and unearthing the universal understanding that is said to be encoded in the Akashic Records. When humanity can come together freely to compile and convey all knowledge, human consciousness can evolve. Wiktionary can perform the vital role of removing the language barrier, not only with regard to different languages but the absence of language as well.

My Blog[edit]

As an avid writer, who dabbles in both creative and serious works, I am always looking to expand the reach of my writing. I recently started compiling my feelings, sentiments, and experiences into a personal blog, and I intend for it to be a valued aspect of my writing cycle for years to come. You can find my blog at

My Network[edit]

I also manage a writing community at, that I have plans to expand upon when I am better versed in PHP/CSS design.


If you have any questions or comments for me feel free to post them on my User Talk page.

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