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drapefold dock (of a terrane, to attach to a larger landmass) miosyncline eusyncline free cheek fixed cheek bouldery (noun) long tom (see long Tom) sulpheret (= sulphuret?) Bruchgeitrochen (is this even English?) exotic terrane Pillars of Hercules geophysical Moho petrologic Moho Mohos G.H.Q. wold (eye dialect def) horn core (possibly SOP unless horncore) lake whitening heat budget Ekman spiral Langmuir spiral (see Langmuir circulation) float method flow method overturn (noun) scroll lake salt wedge ice ramp siderochrome Winkler titration prosicula virgula#English nema#English well-jacket drill string side-scan block slump lithic sandstone shelf-break freeze-up balloonsonde SWASH side-swimmer phi scale (and φ scale?) curvilinear grid θ-intercept position vector friendzone (noun & verb; see friend zone) anodium marionation hypoprotomeric protrunk macropleuron opisthotrunk phaselus#English euanamorphosis olenoid flaggy (missing technical sense, methinks) feather-stitch (= featherstitch?) doublure (missing sense) elabrum epistomium postpygidium polisomite extracoelenteric posiment(s) negament(s)

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