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cell division and multiplication cell division cycle cell divisions cell entry cell envelope cell expansion cell fate cell fate determination cell fractionation cell fusion cell genome cell group cell groups cell growth cell growth and division cell immobilization cell incubator cell junction cell junctions cell line cell lineages cell liners cell lines cell locomotion cell lysate cell lysates cell lysis cell matrix cell mediated cell mediated immune defence cell mediated immunity cell medium cell membrane cell membrane associated cell membrane potentials cell membrane receptor cell membrane transport cell membrane's cell membrane cell membranes cell microprocessor cell migration cell mitosis cell mobility cell morphology cell motility cell network cell notation cell nuclei cell nucleus cell organelles cell penetrating peptides cell phenomena cell phone cell phone batteries cell phone carrier cell phone games cell phone jammer cell phone lot cell phone lots cell phone messages cell phone pictures cell phone store cell phone strap cell phone straps cell phone towers cell phone tracking cell phone unlocking cell phones cell physiology cell planning cell plasma membrane cell plate cell plates cell poles cell positioning cell potential cell probe model cell processor cell proliferation cell receptor cell receptors cell references cell relay cell repair machines cell respiration cell sap cell scaffolding cell senescence cell separator cell shaded cell ship cell signal transduction cell signaling cell signalling cell signals cell site cell sites cell sorting cell staining cell stress cell structure cell surface cell surface membrane cell surface molecules cell surface proteins cell surface receptor cell surface receptors cell suspension culture cell suspension cultures cell switching cell system cell theory cell therapy cell tissue cell towers cell tree cell tropism cell type cell types cell vesicle cell wall cell wall deficient cell walls cell-division cycle cell-free system cell-mediated immune reactivity cell-mediated immune response cell-mediated immune responses cell-mediated immune system cell-mediated immunity cell-mediated proinflammatory process cell-mediated responses cell-surface molecules cell-surface receptor cell-surface receptors cell-to-cell signalling cella memoriae cellar club cellar door cellar doors cellar master cellar spider cellar spiders cello and orchestra cello arrangements cello bow cello concerti cello concerto cello concertos cello metal cello rock cello sonata cello sonatas cello suite cello suites cellobiose dehydrogenase cellobiose dehydrogenase cellobiose epimerase cellobiose phosphorylase cellodextrin phosphorylase cellophane maculopathy cellophane noodle cellophane noodles cellophane tape cellphone camera cellphone mast cellphone network cellphone signal cells are dividing cells differentiate cells of fundus glands cellular adhesion cellular adhesion molecule cellular adhesion molecules cellular adoptive immunotherapy cellular aging cellular apoptosis susceptibility protein cellular architecture cellular automata cellular automaton cellular automaton models of traffic flow cellular backhaul cellular base stations cellular base-stations cellular biologist cellular biology cellular cohomology cellular communication cellular communication systems cellular communications cellular companies cellular compartment cellular compartments cellular components cellular composition cellular computing laws cellular coverage cellular death cellular decomposition cellular differentiation cellular digital packet data cellular division cellular divisions cellular handsets cellular hardware cellular homology cellular immune system cellular immunity cellular infiltration cellular injury cellular junctions cellular layers cellular level cellular life cellular lineage cellular lines cellular localisation cellular logic cellular machines cellular macromolecules cellular manufacturing cellular markers cellular mechanisms cellular membrane cellular membranes cellular memory cellular metabolism cellular migration cellular mitosis cellular models of artificial life cellular modem cellular necrosis cellular network cellular network operator cellular network protocols cellular networks cellular neural network cellular neural networks cellular neuroscience cellular nonlinear networks cellular nucleus cellular operator cellular or mobile phone cellular organelles cellular organisms cellular oxidation cellular pathology cellular peptide cellular phone cellular phone band cellular phone camera cellular phones cellular process cellular processes cellular proliferation cellular protein cellular proteins cellular provider cellular radio cellular receptor cellular receptors cellular regeneration cellular repeater cellular repeaters cellular replication cellular reproduction cellular respiration cellular retinoic acid binding protein cellular robotic cellular robotics cellular router cellular routers cellular segmentation cellular senescence cellular services cellular shades cellular signaling cellular signaling pathways cellular signalling cellular slime molds cellular slime moulds cellular stress cellular structure cellular surfaces cellular system cellular systems cellular telephone cellular telephone network cellular telephone technology cellular telephone tower cellular telephones cellular telephony cellular telephony companies cellular telephony systems cellular theories cellular therapies cellular tower cellular towers cellular transformation cellular transport celluloid film celluloid left’s cellulose 1,4-b-cellobiosidase cellulose acetate cellulose acetate butyrate cellulose acetate filter cellulose acetate propionate cellulose diacetate cellulose esters cellulose fibre cellulose insulation cellulose nitrate cellulose paste cellulose sulfate cellulose synthase GDP-forming cellulose synthase UDP-forming cellulose thinner cellulose triacetate cellulosic bioethanol cellulosic biofuels cellulosic biomass fermentation cellulosic ethanol cellulosic ethanol commercialization cellulosic ethanol production and commercialization cellulosic material cellulosic polymer cellulosic substrate celluslose insulation celtiberian languages celtic christianity celtic cross celtic cross stitch celtic crosses celtic cultural celtic dance celtic design celtic fc celtic folk celtic fusion celtic harp celtic high cross celtic jewelry celtic language celtic metal celtic music celtic musical celtic mythology celtic priest celtic punk celtic rock celtic studies celtic style celtic tribe celtis spp cembra pine cembrene a cembro pines cement block cement bound materials cement chemist notation cement clinker cement clinkers cement kiln cement kiln emissions cement kilns cement masons cement mill cement mills cement mixer cement of the universe cement or crusta petrosa of cement overshoes cement plants cement shoes cement trowel cement truck cement trucks cement-treated base cementation furnace cementation furnaces cementation process cementeous material cementing agent cementoenamel junction cementoenamel junctions cemetery and chapel cemetery for foreigners cemetery marker cemetery monuments cemetery watch house cendol or dawet cenobitic communities cenobitic monasticism censor board censor markings censor search results censor several hip-hop bands censor the media censored 'live' censored at the time censored data censored out censored regression model censored regression models censored the media censorial hearing censoring music censors the internet censorship board censorship code censorship compliance unit censorship constraints censorship laws censorship motion censorship of films by the government censorship of genitalia censorship of material directly relevant to national security censorship of music censorship of the darker aspects of the show censorship of the press censorship office censorship policy censure and impeachment censure motion censure vote census agglomeration census agglomerations census area census areas census block census block groups census blocks census bureau census collection districts census count census county division census data census designated place census designated place census designated places census division census division 12 census division 13 census divisions census enumerator census enumerators census estimate census figures census households census metropolitan area census metropolitan areas census purposes census records census regions census returns census statistical areas census subdivision census subdivisions census territory census town census tract census tracts census unit census-designated area census-designated place census-designated place census-designated places census-gathering district cent sign centaur-like creatures centaurea minor centavo coins centenary celebrations centenary final centenary year centennial anniversary centennial convention centennial festivities centennial year center and periphery center articulated vehicles center axis center back center channel center circle center city center console center court homes center differential center divide center divider center dividers center drill center embedded center embedding center field center fielder center fielders center fields center filter center fire center fire rifles center for countercultural activity center for human values center for the defense center forward center forward's center frequencies center frequency center half center half back center half forward center high-mounted stop lamp center high-mounted stop light center islands center left center left-turn lane center line center link center median center midfielder center of a group center of a ring center of balance center of buoyancy center of curvature center of diversity center of effort center of excellence center of government center of gravity center of gravity frame center of heavy industry center of inaccessibility center of industry center of lift center of mass center of mass energy center of mass frame center of masses center of momentum center of momentum frame center of origin center of ossification center of percussion center of population center of pressure center of rotation center of species diversity center of symmetry center of the arts and literature center of the body center of the city center of the earth center of the galaxy center of the group algebra center of the political spectrum center of the ring center of the world center of town center or prick punch center or wing center partist center pivot center pivot irrigation center pocket center point center position center punch center right center span center spot center spread center string center tapped center versus surround fashion center weighted average metering center west center wing fuel tank center-fixing automorphism center-jump rule center-left coalition center-left government center-line block center-of-mass frame center-of-momentum frame center-quarterback combination center-slope model center-tapped transformer center-tapped transformers center-weighted average metering center-weighted light metering centerbeam flatcars centerbeam lumber cars centerboard schooner centercab switcher centered cube number centered decagonal number centered decagonal numbers centered decagonal prime centered heptagonal number centered heptagonal numbers centered hexagonal number centered hexagonal numbers centered hexagonal pattern centered nonagonal number centered nonagonal numbers centered number centered octagonal number centered octagonal numbers centered pentagonal number centered pentagonal numbers centered polygonal number centered polygonal numbers centered square number centered square numbers centered triangular number centered triangular numbers centerfire ammunition centerfire cartridge centering diphthongs centering matrix centering prayer centerless grinder centerline promenade centerline rumble strips centerline thrust centerpull brakes centers for the handicapped centers of form centers of gravity centers of mass centers of structural genomics centertapped single phase centertapped single-phase centimeter gram second centimeter gram second system of units centimeter-gram-second system of units centimeters of water centimeters per second centimetre gram second system of units centimetre gram second systems of units centimetre-gram-second centimetre-gram-second system of units CGS system of units centimetre-gram-second CGS system of units centimetre-gram-second systems centimetres of mercury centimetric radar centipede game centipede tender central academy central acuity central ad server central administration central air central air conditioners central air conditioning central and southern lowland central and state civil services central angle central apnea central area central area of the city central artery of central artery project central artery tunnel central asia central asiatic subspecies central attacking midfielder central authority central bank central bank prime rate central bank's central banker central bankers central banking central banking authority central banking institution central banking organization central banking system central banks central baptist college central barometric pressure central battery central belt central binomial coefficient central block central body central bosses central bulge central bus depot central bus station central business district central business district's central business districts central campus central canal central canal of central casting central catchment area central cells central channel central character central characters central charge central charges central chemoreceptors central city central city flight central co-ordination central coast central committee central compartment central complex central composite design central computer systems central console central consonant central consonants central control central control computer system central control office central core central core disease central count voting system central counterparty central court central cyanosis central decomposition central defence central defence central defender central defenders central defense central defensive central dense overcast central dependency systems central depository system central depression central desert central development section central diabetes insipidus central dialects central difference central differences central displays central dogma central dogma of genetics central dogma of molecular biology central eastern portion central economic region central economy central element central european central excise commissioner central executive committee member central facial palsy central factor central factors central fictional character central field approximation central figure central figures central fire copper cartridges central fissure central foraging theory central force central forces central fuel injection central ganglia central gangliocytoma central government central government departments central governments central gravity central gray central gray stratum central group central heating central heating system central highland central highlands central hill central in defence central incisor central incisors central india central intelligence central intercity stations central intermediate central inversion central labor bodies central lateral nucleus central library central lift central limit theorem central limit theorem for convex bodies central limit theorem for mixing processes central line central lines central location tests central locking central loop central lowlands central lymph nodes central management central massif central media central medial nucleus central median central meridian central mid central midfield central midfielder central midfielders central midlands central moment central moments central mountain range central mountain zone central mudminnow central nervous central nervous system central nervous system central nervous system central nervous system depressants CNS depressants central nervous system CNS depressants central nervous system cancers central nervous system damage central nervous system depressant central nervous system depressants central nervous system disorders central nervous system infections central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal tumor central nervous system stimulants central nervous system's central nervous systems central neurocytoma central neurogenic hyperventilation central node central nonprofit agencies central north-south route central nucleus of inferior colliculus central nucleus of the amygdala central nucleus of the inferior colliculus central office central offices central or left midfield central or medial consonants central or rightsided defender central organisation central organization central overland road central panel agency central park central part central part of cricothyroid membrane central path of the trigeminal central pattern generator central pattern generators central perspective central place theory central places central plain central plains central planner central planning central plateau central portion central potential central power station central pressure central pressure levels central prison central processing unit central processing unit central processing units central processor central product central projection central projection chart central protagonist central pulpit central railway station central railway terminal central ranges central reclamation project central region central regions central registries central repository of books and newspapers central reservation central reservations central respiratory center central respiratory depressants central respiratory failure central retinal artery central retinal artery occlusion central retinal vein central retinal vein occlusion central role central route central route to persuasion central saharan central sanctuary central school central schools central securities depository central selection central sensitization central serous retinopathy central server central session central seven central shaft central share depository central shutter central sight central simple central simple algebra central simple algebras central solar heating central soviet area central spindle central square central standard time central standard time zone central star central star's central state materialism central states central station central stigmatic depression central subgroup central sulcus central switching office central system central teachings central tegmental tract central tendency central tendency bias central tendinous point central tendinous point of central tendinous point of the perineum central tenets central terminations central third of the state central time central tolerance central tower central tract of central tract of the cranial nerves central tract of the trigeminal nerve central train station central transitway central union central unrounded vowel central unrounded vowels central uplands central uplift central vacuoles central vacuum central vacuum system central valley central vane central vein central venous central venous access catheter central venous catheter central venous catheters central venous lines central venous pressure central vision central visual input central volcano central volcanoes central voter file central vowel central vowels central waters central west central west end central work central world tree central zone central-difference equations central-port injected central-state materialism medulla spinalis centralis anterior centralis retinæ centralised decision making centralised government centralised state centralised traffic control centralised water supply centrality of hair to definitions of femininity centralization of economic controls centralization of power centralization of the economy centralize planning centralized banking centralized command structure centralized computer system centralized computing centralized control centralized control of economic activities centralized data server solution centralized database system centralized democracy centralized distribution system centralized economic planning centralized economic structure centralized federation centralized government centralized heating centralized planning centralized procedure centralized regime centralized state centralized state planning centralized system centralized traffic control centralizer and normalizer centrally active centrally administered municipalities centrally administered municipality centrally closed centrally controlled centrally controlled economy centrally organised centrally planned centrally planned economies centrally planned economy centrally- planned centrally-acting drug centrally-administered city centrally-administered municipalities centrally-planned economies centrally-planning an economy ice hockey centre back centre back or right full back centre back's centre backs centre console centre de la mémoire centre dot centre field centre fielder centre fire centre forward centre forwards centre full back centre half centre half back centre half forward centre half-back centre half-forward centre half-forwards centre halves centre housing centre left centre line centre midfield centre midfielder centre of an irregular shape centre of attraction centre of buoyancy centre of commerce centre of excellence centre of gravity centre of learning centre of lift centre of mass centre of population centre of pressure centre of symmetry centre of the board centre of the city centre of the country centre of the state centre of the universe centre of town centre party centre pivot irrigation centre plate centre pocket centre position centre positions centre punch centre punches centre right centre scrimmager centre steer centre three quarter centre three-quarter centre turn lane centre white line centre-half back centre-half backs centre-half forwards centre-left primary election centre-left wing centre-médian- parafascicular complex centre-periphery relations centre-right alliance centre-right cabinet centre-right government centre-to-centre distance centres for research centres of force centres of mass centres of origin centri sociali centric fissions centric fusions centric relation centrifical force centrifugal acceleration centrifugal braking system centrifugal casting centrifugal clutch centrifugal clutches centrifugal compression centrifugal compressor centrifugal compressors centrifugal contactors centrifugal distortion centrifugal evaporator centrifugal evaporators centrifugal extractor centrifugal fan centrifugal flow centrifugal force centrifugal forces centrifugal governor centrifugal hydraulic engine centrifugal motion centrifugal nerves centrifugal oil filter centrifugal potential energy centrifugal pseudo-force centrifugal pseudoforce centrifugal pump centrifugal pumps centrifugal radiators centrifugal starting switch centrifugal supercharger centrifugal superchargers centrifugal switch centrifugal type supercharger centrifugal water pump centrifugal weapon centrifuge enrichment centring diphthongs centripetal acceleration centripetal force centripetal force requirement centripetal forces centripetal harmony centripetal nerves centripitally expels centrist parties centrizonal distribution centro comercial centro-parietal cortex centroid theorem centromedial nucleus centromedian nucleus centrosymmetric molecule centrum ovale majus centrum ovale minus centrum semi centrum semiovale cents of zinc-coated steel centum languages centumviral court centuries earlier centuries of exile centurio secundi pili century baby century bicycle ride century break century breaks century egg century eggs century plant century plants ceol beg ceol mor cephalanthus occidentalis cephalic flexure cephalic index cephalic phase cephalic portion of cephalic vein cephalic veins cephalica accessoria cephalization factor cephalo-pelvic disproportion cephalophoric martyrs cephalopod intelligence cephalosporin-C deacetylase cephalosporin-C transaminase cepheid variable cepheid variables cepstral analysis ceramic aluminum oxide ceramic art ceramic artist ceramic arts ceramic body armor ceramic capacitor ceramic capacitors ceramic cloth ceramic composite ceramic design ceramic discharge metal halide lamp ceramic engineer ceramic engineering ceramic fibre ceramic fibres ceramic filters ceramic form ceramic glaze ceramic glazes ceramic heater ceramic industry ceramic insulators ceramic kiln ceramic knife ceramic knives ceramic magnet ceramic material ceramic materials ceramic membranes ceramic paintings ceramic plate ceramic plates ceramic raw materials ceramic resonator ceramic resonators ceramic sculpture ceramic tile ceramic tiles ceramic ware ceramic work ceramica sigillata ceramics art ceramics design ceramide 1-phosphate ceramide cholinephosphotransferase ceramide glucosyltransferase ceramide kinase ceramide synthase ceratitis capitata cercarial dermatitis cercocebus atys cercopithecoid monkeys cerdd dant cereal bars cereal box cereal box prizes cereal crop cereal cropping cereal crops cereal cyst nematode cereal driers cereal germ cereal grain cereal grains cereal leaf beetle cereal mildew cereal mills cereal products cereal silos cereal yellow dwarf virus cerebal palsy cerebellar abiotrophy cerebellar ataxia cerebellar cortex cerebellar cortical atrophy cerebellar development cerebellar fossa cerebellar hemangioblastoma cerebellar hemisphere cerebellar hemispheres cerebellar hypoplasia cerebellar lobes cerebellar malformations cerebellar nuclei cerebellar peduncle cerebellar peduncles cerebellar projection cerebellar tonsil cerebellar tonsill cerebellar tonsils cerebellar tremor cerebellar vermis cerebelli inferior anterior cerebellopontine angle cerebellorubral tract cerebellothalamic tract cerebellum cerebral abscess cerebral amyloid angiopathy cerebral anemia cerebral aneurysm cerebral aneurysms cerebral angiography cerebral apoplexy cerebral aqueduct cerebral arterial circle cerebral arteriovenous malformation cerebral ataxia cerebral bleed cerebral blood flow cerebral bore cerebral circulation cerebral concussion cerebral congestion cerebral contusion cerebral contusions cerebral convolutions cerebral cortex cerebral cortexes cerebral cortical brain cerebral cortices cerebral degeneration cerebral degenerations cerebral degenerative changes cerebral depression cerebral dysfunction cerebral emboli cerebral embolism cerebral energy cerebral fissure cerebral fluid cerebral granulomatous disease cerebral haemorrhage cerebral hemisphere cerebral hemispheres cerebral hemmorage cerebral hemorrage cerebral hemorrhage cerebral hemorrhages cerebral hemorrhaging cerebral herniation cerebral hypoxia cerebral hæmorrhage cerebral infarction cerebral infection cerebral injury cerebral irritability cerebral ischaemia cerebral ischemia cerebral malaria cerebral meninges cerebral meningitis cerebral metabolism cerebral motor control areas cerebral nerve cerebral palsy cerebral peduncle cerebral peduncles cerebral peduncule cerebral perfusion pressure cerebral pulsae cerebral sclerosis cerebral shunt cerebral softening cerebral spinal fluid cerebral status cerebral syphilis cerebral thrombosis cerebral tumor cerebral tumour cerebral vein cerebral vein thrombosis cerebral veins cerebral venous sinus thrombosis cerebral venous thrombosis cerebral ventricle cerebral ventricles cerebral vessels cerebral white matter cerebran aneurysms cerebri anterior cerebri lateralis cerebro-spinal fluid cerebro-vascular diseases cerebroside 3-sulfate cerebroside sulphate cerebrospinal fibers cerebrospinal fluid cerebrospinal fluid diversion cerebrospinal fluid leakage cerebrospinal nerves cerebrospinal nervous system cerebrospinal systems cerebrospinal tract cerebrospinal tumour cerebrospinalis anterior cerebrovascular accident cerebrovascular accidents cerebrovascular disease cerebrovascular diseases cerebrovascular disorders cerebrovascular disturbances ceremonial burial ceremonial burials ceremonial centers ceremonial chair ceremonial chiefs ceremonial county ceremonial dance ceremonial dances ceremonial deism ceremonial dress