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century egg (plural century eggs)

  1. A Chinese delicacy made by preserving a duck, chicken or quail egg in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.
    • 1912 November 15, “Chop suey hoax exposed”, in The Mixer & Server[1], volume 21, number 11, page 35:
      Almonds, parched watermelon seeds—esteemed as a great delicacy—spareribs covered with a mixture of molasses sugar, fried fish, chicken livers and century eggs were put on the table at once.
    • 1922 December 20, E. C. Heinsohn, “Eggs and Poultry in China”, in The Egg Reporter[2], page 28:
      More or less is heard about the Chinese "century eggs." These are duck eggs which have been preserved by a coating of mud, rice hulls, lime and wood ashes.
    • 1953, Dorothy Snapp McCammon, We tried to stay, page 95:
      In the middle of the platter were century eggs, eggs which have been left in lime for a long, long time until the yolk has become dark and the white gelatinous.
    • 2015, Deborah Lowe Kwok Yun, The Little Cantonese Cookbook[3]:
      There are many varieties of congee but the most common is this salted pork with century egg.