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dat tapes data "snapshot" data (re-)compression data abstraction data access data access layer data access methods data acquisition data acquisition system data acquisition systems data alignment data analyses data analysis data analysis in information technology audits data analytics data and error analysis data and text mining data architect data architects data architecture data archiving data assimilation data auditing data availability data backup data backups data banks data base data bases data binding data bits data bound data breach data broadcasting data broker data buffer data buffers data burst data bursts data bus data buses data cache data caches data capacity data capture data cards data carousel data cells data center data centers data centre data centres data channel data chips data circuit data circuit terminating equipment data circuit-terminating equipment data classification data cleansing data clients data clustering data clusters data collaboration data collection data communication data communication networks data communication protocol data communications data compaction data compression data compression algorithm data compression ratio data compressor data conferencing data confidentiality data consolidation data constructors data contextualization data conversion data converters data correctness data corruption data counter data counters data cube data declarations data decompression data deficient data definition data definition language data densities data dependence data dependence analysis data dependencies data dependency data dictionaries data dictionary data dimensions data discs data disk data disks data distribution data domain data draining data dredge data dredging data drilling data driven data dumps data element data element definition data element name data elements data encapsulation mechanism data encoding data encryption data engineering data enhancement data entry data entry scam data erasure data error data errors data exception data exchange data exchange language data extraction data feed data feeds data field data fields data file data file formats data files data flow data flow analysis data flow diagram data flow diagrams data flows data fork data forks data formats data fragmentation data frame data frames data fusion data generation data glove data governance data grid data hashing data haven data havens data hazard data hazards data hiding data inconsistencies data independently data integration data integrity data integrity constraints data interoperability data item data layer data layout data leak protection data least squares data libraries data likelihood data lineage data link data link layer data links data loading data locality data logger data loggers data logging data logs data loss data management data manipulation data manipulation languages data mapper data mapping data marshaling and demarshalling data mart data marts data matrix data mediation data member data members data migration data mile data mine data miners data mining data mining and analytics data mining model data mining software data mode data model data model diagrams data model instance data model theory data modeler data modeling data modelling data models data network data network convergence data networking data networks data normalization data object data objects data operations data packet data packets data page data parallel data parallelism data path data persistence data piracy data point data pointers data points data precision data presentation data privacy data privacy laws data processing data processing electronics data processing officers data processing system data processing systems data processing unit data processing units data processor data profiling data projection data proliferation data protection data protection act data protocols data quality data quality assurance data quality firewall data queue data rate data rates data readout data record data recorder data recorders data recording data recovery data reduction data reduction software. data redundancy data reference model data register data registers data reliability data remanence data reordering data replication data repositories data representation data representation conversion data requirements analysis data resource management data resources inventory data retention data room data rooms data safety and monitoring board data sanitization data scanning device data search technologies data security data segment data separator data service unit data services data set data sets data shadow systems data sheet data sheets data shredding data signaling rate data signalling rate data sink data sinks data smoothing data source data source names data sources data space data sparseness problem data spill data stack data staging data state model data stewards data stewardship data storage data storage capacity data storage device data storage devices data storage medium data storage technologies data store data stores data stream data streams data strobe encoding data structure data structure alignment data structure diagram data structures data structures for graphs data structuring data subjects data switching data synchornization engine for application data data synchronization data table data tainting data tape data tapes data terminal data terminal equipment data terminal equipments data terminals data theft data tier data to move directly data track data traffic data transfer data transfer rate data transfer rates data transfers data transform data transformation data transformation filters data translation data transmission data transmission protocol data transmission services data transparency data transport data trees data trunking data type data types data typing data validation data validity data values data vector data verification data visualisation data visualization data warehouse data warehouse appliance data warehouses data warehousing data word data-code confusion data-driven testing data-flow analysis data-flow confluence operator data-link layer data-link system data-processing centre data-signaling rate data-storage devices data-storage media data-stream format data-structured language database abstraction layer database accelerators database administration database administrator database administrator tools database administrators database application database application development database applications database audit database automation database backup database cache database computer database connection database connections database connectivity database constraint database constraints database creation database design database development database dump database engine database engines database file database index database indexing database infrastructures database integrity database key database language database machines database management database management system database management system database management systems database management systems database management systems database manager database marketing database migration tools database mining database normalisation database normalization database of all international and domestic calls database of phone calls database of vehicles database partitioning database performance tuning database procedures database processing database program database programming database queries database query language database query languages database record database records database refactorings database replication database representations database rights database schema database schemas database schemata database search database server database servers database software database structure database system database systems database table database tables database theory database transaction database transactions database trigger database triggers database tuning database vendors database view database views database-oriented fourth-generation programming languages databases on line dataflow analysis dataflow computation dataflow concurrent language dataflow diagram dataflow programming dataflow variables datalink layer datasheet databases date and time date and time notation by country date and time stamped date back date display date farming date format date formats date imprinting date line date magic square date movies date nail date notation date of birth date of creation date of death unknown date of filing date of his ministry date of rank date on the cover date palm date palms date rape date rape drug date rape drugs date raped date rapes date rapist date stamp date tree date unknown date varies date varies from year to year date-producing palm trees date-rape drug dateable carbon dated astronomically dated radiometrically dated reference datelliptium chloride dates of passage datil pepper dating agency dating coaches dating coaching dating convention dating evidence dating game dating game show dating game shows dating industry dating method dating methods dating online dating reality show dating rocks dating seminars and texts dating service dating services dating shorthand dating show dating sim dating sims dating simulation dating simulation games dating simulations dating simulators dating system dating systems dating violence dating war dating web site dating-type show dative bond dative bonds dative case dative construction dative of purpose dative of reference dative shift dative shifting datochniye lyudi datum edge datum plane datum point datura metel datura stramonium daubted wattle daughter board daughter card daughter cards daughter cell daughter cells daughter chromosomes daughter he never had daughter house daughter in law daughter isotope daughter isotopes daughter languages daughter named after her mother daughter nucleus daughter of a great gentleman daughter product daughter products daughter rediae daughter species daughterless carp daughterless gene daughters of Ægir daughters-in law daulatpura and fatuhi davana ether david hamilton davidia involucrata davis county springsnail dawg pound dawn chorus dawn effect dawn raid dawn raided dawn raiding dawn raids dawn redwood dawn redwoods dawn simulation dawn simulators dawn song dawoodi bohra day 11 day 3 day 4 day 6 day after day after tomorrow day and date release strategy day and night day beacon day beacons day bed day belt day boy day boys day camp day camps day care day care center day care centers day care centre day care crèche day care sex abuse hysteria day care sex abuse hysteria‎ day care sexual abuse hysteria day cares day centres day count convention day count fraction day dreaming day dresses day fighter day fighters day fine day fines day flower day flying day for a year principle day for night day gecko day geckos day hike day hiking day hospital day houses day in the life of day job day jobs day labor day labor center day laborer day laborers day labour day labourer day labourers day length day length dependent day lilies day lily day lily buds day lilyies day mark day markers day names day neutral plants day nurseries day nursery day of atonement day of awareness day of birth day of extraordinary darkness day of judgement day of judgment day of mourning day of national mourning and sorrow day of obligation day of rest day of resurrection day of the dead day of the judgement day of the week day out of days day planners day player day pupil day pupils day reconstruction method day rehabilitation day release day sailer day sailer dinghy day sailers day sailing day saver day scholars day school day schools day spa day spas day surgeries day surgery day surgery unit day trade day trader day traders day trades day trading day treatment day trip day tripper day trippers day two day workers day-age creationism day-age creationist day-age theory day-age view day-care center day-care centers day-night cycle day-night doubleheader day-night encounters day-old cockerel day-use fees day-year principle dayama brahmin daycare center daycare centers daycare centre dayereh zangi dayflower family daylength and photoperiod daylight balanced daylight filter daylight it as a creek daylight play daylight running lights daylight saving daylight saving time daylight saving time daylight savings daylight savings time daylight walker daylighted streams daylighting a stream daylighting streams days of abstinence days of mourning days of prayer for peace days of the month days of the week days off days on the calendar daytime drama daytime drama's daytime dramas daytime heating daytime hours daytime incontinence daytime lineup daytime only daytime only station daytime population daytime running lamp daytime running lamps daytime running lights daytime series daytime show daytime soap opera daytime talk shows daytime talkshow daytime television daytime television dramas daytime television show daytime wetting daytime-only station daytime-only stations dazzle camouflage dazzle pattern dbf files noise reduction dbx debugger dbx noise reduction dbx noise reduction system dc programming language dc talk dc to dc conversion dc-dc converter dd mmm de boer de bonis non administratis de casibus virorum illustrium de contumace capiendo de dicto de dicto and de re de dicto necessity de die in diem de donis conditionalibus de expensis de fact de facto de facto capital de facto divided de facto head of state de facto head of the government de facto heads of state de facto humour capital de facto husband de facto independence de facto monopolies de facto monopoly de facto partner de facto recognition de facto relationship de facto segregation de facto sovereignty de facto standard de facto standards de facto union de facto wife de haut en bas de iure de iure belli ac pacis de jure de jure monopolies de jure monopoly de l'Escaille de l'Hopital de l'Hôpital de la cruz de minimis de minimis non curat lex de mo de mortuis nil nisi bonum de novo de novo dahl de novo mutation de novo mutations de novo protein structure prediction de novo review de novo sequencing de novo structure prediction de novo synthesis de oratore de profundis de re de re necessity de re publica de rigueur de salis de se de se de situ et origine germanorum de stijl de syv fjell de vulgari eloquentia de Ávila de-Stalinization period de-Stalinization process de-asphalted oil de-asphalting unit de-coupling point de-dusting agents de-facto border de-facto sovereign republic de-facto standard de-facto wife de-icing fluid de-icing system de-inked pulp de-ionized water de-ionizing filter de-merit good de-militarized zone de-mining efforts de-nationalision of public services de-nazification court deCODE genetics deDion axle deDion axles deFocus records deRham cohomology デスピリア deVries effect deWitt indices deWitt notation deacetoxycephalosporin-C synthase deacetoxyvindoline 4-hydroxylase deacetylcephalosporin-C acetyltransferase deacetylipecoside synthase deacetylisoipecoside synthase deactivating groups deactivating substituents dead "in absentia" dead agent dead agenting dead air dead air incident dead animal and plant remains dead animals dead are unconscious dead arguments and methods dead arm dead axle dead baby dead baby jokes dead ball dead ball era dead ball line dead ball time dead blow hammer dead blow hammers dead bodies dead bodies and health risks dead body is fished out of his swimming pool dead box dead brand dead button rule dead calm dead cat bounce dead center dead centre position dead code dead code elimination dead cows dead dog dead dog parties dead dog party dead drop dead drop spikes dead drops dead end dead end filtration dead ends dead epithelial cells dead father dead fish dead god dead gods dead hand dead heat dead heated dead houses dead in absentia dead in her bathtub after having slit her wrists dead key dead keys dead lake dead language dead languages dead leg dead lesbian dead letter dead letter boxes dead letter drops dead letter office dead link dead links dead load dead loads dead mails dead mall dead malls dead man statute dead man system dead man walking dead man's chest dead man's hand dead man's handle dead man's handles dead man's switch dead man's switches dead metaphor dead money dead money dead myth dead on arrival dead on the toilet dead ones dead or dying shopping malls dead organic matter dead parrot dead pedal dead person dead pixel dead pixels dead plant material dead pool dead prez dead process dead punk-rocker dead rear axle dead reckoning dead resurrected dead rubber dead rubbers dead run dead sleep dead space dead star dead stick dead stock dead stroke dead time dead tissue dead tree dead tree beetles dead tree edition dead tree versions dead trees dead water dead week dead weight loss dead weight tons dead white males dead white men dead will rise dead works dead zone dead zone dead zones dead-ball era dead-centre lathe dead-end elimination dead-end host dead-end platforms dead-end road dead-horse arum dead-man detonator dead-space volume dead-stick landing deadball era deadbeat dad deadbeat dads deadbeat escapement deadbeat parents deadcode elimination deadliest conflict deadliest disaster deadliest helicopter accidents deadliest natural disasters in history deadliest single attack of the whole war deadline day deadline-monotonic scheduling deadlock provisions deadlock theory deadly acts of terrorism deadly beam of energy deadly bombings deadly card throw deadly device deadly dose of electricity deadly earthquake deadly force deadly mine explosion deadly motaba virus deadly nightshade deadly stampede deadly violence deadly weapon deadly weapons deadly webcap deadly woman deadman anchor deadpan humor deadstick instrument approach deadstick landing deadweight cost deadweight loss deadweight losses deadweight toannage deadweight ton deadweight tonnage deadweight tonnage deadweight tonnes deadweight tons deaf advocacy deaf and dumb deaf communities deaf community deaf culture deaf ears deaf education deaf identity deaf mutes deaf or hearing impaired deaf people deaf people were often seen as "mute" deaf school deaf schools deaf sign language deaf sub-culture deaf theatre deafness in one ear deal flow deal passports deal porters deal with deal with files deal with the devil deal with the invaders deal with the rebels dealer auction dealer button dealer equity options dealer in stamps for collectors dealer invoice dealer lots dealer security futures options dealership network dealership service dealing drugs dealing in illegal narcotics dealing marijuana dealing shoe deals with crime deals with the devil deamon dialer dean and chapter dean of students dean of the chapter dean of the court of arches dean of the diplomatic corps deanery synod deanol aceglumate deans of faculties deans of men deans of students dear colleague letter dear doctor dearness allowance death adders death and disease it causes death and dying death and rebirth death and resurrection death and state funeral of the former prime minister death anniversary death anxiety death associated protein 6 death at the stake death beam death benefit death benefits death by a thousand cuts death by burning death by dangerous driving death by elephant death by exhaustion death by fire death by firing squad death by hanging death by hangman death by misadventure death by natural cause death by natural causes death by slicing death by stoning death camp death camps death cap death caps death certicficate death certificate death certificates death certification death chamber death chime death chimes death clocks death cult death cultists death domain death drive death duel death duties death duties tax death duty death effector domain death effector domains death erection death factory death fatwa death fetishist death figure death film death films death flight death flights death fold death glider death grind death growl death growling death growls death grunt death grunting death grunts death houses death in a crash death in comic books death in custody death inducing signaling complex death industrial death instinct death knight death knights death literature death live death loa death lounge death march death marches death mask death masks death matches death messengers death metal death metal band death metal growls death metal rhythms death metal vocals death metallers death mystery death notice death notices death notification death of death of 39 people death of a child death of a language death of a policeman during rioting death of a woman death of indigenous people death of one of their performers death of the author death of the firstborn death of the novel death of two children death of two workers death on the cross death on the wheel death penalties death penalty death penalty laws death penalty on someone convicted of felony murder death penalty sentences death penalty was abolished death poem death poems death pool death pop death punk death railway death rapper death rate death rates death rattle death ray death rays death receptor death receptors death registry death rites death rock death roll death row death row phenomenon death rows death scene death seat death sentence death sentences death slaadi death slot death songs death spiral death spiral financing death spirals death sport death squad death squadron death squadrons death squads death star death stars death stick death tax death taxes death the sole penalty death threat death threats death toll death toll on roads death touch death verdict death vocals death warrant death warrants death watch beetle death watch beetles death wish death with dignity death world death zone death-and-renewal kind death-like sleep death-of-the-author thesis death-qualified jury death-rebirth deities deathbed confession deathbed conversion deathbed conversions deathbed testimony deathcap mushroom deathly afraid of cats deathly hallows deathmatch clan deathrock fashions deaths along the border deaths and disappearances deaths in absentia deaths in custody deaths of 17 people deaths of three college students deaths that happened deathstalker scorpion deathwatch beetle deathwatch beetles file format deb packages deb ther sngon po deba bocho debase the coinage debasement of the coinage debatable intervention debatable lands debate about a flag change debate camp debate camps debate circuit debate concerning police use of tasers debate in the scientific literature debate on this matter debate organization debate over aspartame debate over filling the position debate over veils debate poetry debate show debate society debate team debate tournament debates between presidential candidates debates on procedure debates on the national budget debating club debating clubs debating skills debating societies debating society debating style debating team debilitating disorders debit and credit cards debit card debit cards debit method debit spreads debits and credits deblocking filter debraj goswami debranching enzyme debranching enzymes debris avalanche debris avalanches debris cloud debris discs debris disk debris disks debris field debris fields debris filters debris flow debris flows debris in orbit debris shelter debt adjustment debt arbitration debt bondage debt buyer debt buyers debt buying debt cancellation debt capital to equity capital ratio debt ceiling debt collection debt collection agencies debt collection software debt collections debt collector debt collectors debt consolidation debt counseling debt counselling debt crisis debt default debt deflation debt financing debt forgiveness debt freeze debt instrument debt instruments debt management plan debt management plans debt market debt markets debt money