day trade

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See also: daytrade and day-trade


Alternative forms[edit]


day trade (plural day trades)

  1. (business, finance) A transaction in which units of stock or other investment instruments are purchased and then sold within a single market day.
    • 1998, Jeanne Lee, "Sharing The Dell Wealth," CNNMoney,com, 11 May (Retrieved 15 Apr 2011):
      Netting a quick ten grand on a day trade of 1750 shares, he paid off his credit-card debts and gave his wife a ring with five diamonds.



day trade (third-person singular simple present day trades, present participle day trading, simple past and past participle day traded)

  1. (business, finance) To engage, as a deliberate investment strategy, in the very short-term trading of stocks or other securities, by selling any given security within the same market day during which it was purchased.

Derived terms[edit]