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debt moratorium debt negotiation debt note debt obligation debt offering debt overhang debt peonage debt rating debt recovery debt reduction debt relief debt repair debt reschedulings debt restructuring debt restructuring process debt securities debt securitization debt service debt service coverage ratio debt service ratio debt settlement debt slavery debt to capital ratio debt to equity ratio debt to income ratio debt wall debt-based monetary system debt-for-nature swap debt-free money debt-servicing ratio debt-to-income ratio debt-to-income ratios debt-to-income ratios debtor prison debtors prison debtors prisons debts of honor debug exception handler debug mode debug monitor debug registers debug symbols debugger programs debugger standard tools debugging data format debugging session debugging software debugging structures debugging tool debugging tools debulking operation debut album debut album cover debut album of the same name debut albums debut date debut full-length debut game debut issue debut match debut mini album debut novel debut performance debut record debut season debut self titled album debut self-titled album debut single debut solo album debut studio album debutante ball debutante balls debutante parties debye relaxation dec 5 decabromodiphenyl ether decade ago decade counting decade earlier decade nostalgia decade of 80 decade of interregnum decadent era decadent literature decadent movement decadent movements decades of civil war decades of war decadic dialing decaffeinated coffee decaffeinated tea decagonal antiprism decagonal number decagonal prism decagonal prisms decagrammic prisms decal sheet decamethonium bromide decamethylene bisatropium decamethylene diisocyanate decan stars decanedioic acid decanedioic acid monoethyl ester decanedioyl dichloride decanoic acid decanoyl chloride decant tower decanter centrifuge decapacitation factor decapitation strike decapitation strikes decapod cephalopods decapod crustaceans decarboxylase inhibitor decarboxylation reaction decasyllabic verse decathlon competition decathlon event decathlon men decay accelerating factor decay and death decay and sustain decay chain decay chains decay constant decay constants decay energy decay exponentially decay heat decay index decay is non-exponential decay mode decay modes decay of religion decay of social mores decay of the vacuum decay of uranium to lead decay product decay products decay rate decay rates decay scheme decay schemes decay series decay theory decay wood decay-accelerating factor decayed boroughs decaying exponential decaying neighborhoods decaying orbit decaying organic matter decays exponentially deccan plateau deceased king deceased person deceased wife's sister decedent directives deceleration parameter deceleration term december 1 december 10 december 11 december 12 december 13 december 14 december 15 december 16 december 17 december 18 december 19 december 2 december 20 december 21 december 22 december 23 december 24 december 25 december 26 december 27 december 28 december 29 december 3 december 30 december 30th december 31 december 4 december 5 december 6 december 7 december 8 december 9 decemviri stlitibus iudicandis decena trágica decennial census decennial legislative redistricting decennial period decent standard of living decentralised electricity generation decentralised energy system decentralised generation decentralized decision making decentralized energy decentralized government decentralized planning decentralized systems deception offences deception offenses deception operation deceptive advertising deceptive and misleading advertising deceptive cadence deceptive cadences deceptive maneuver deceptive marketing deceptive proselytization deceptive resolution deceptive trade practices decerebrate or decorticate posturing decerebrate response decerebrate rigidity decessit sine prole dechristianisation campaign dechticaetiative languages decibel levels decibel scale decibel volts decibels unloaded decidability of elementary theories decidability problems decidable language decidable set decidable sets decidable theory decide effectively decided among yourselves without consulting us decided halakha decided law decided to reject decided to rewrite deciding match decidua basalis decidua capsularis decidua parietalis decidua placentalis decidua vera decidual cells decidual plate deciduous dentition deciduous forest deciduous forests deciduous fruit deciduous plants deciduous teeth deciduous teeth baby teeth deciduous tree deciduous trees deciduous woodland decies tantum decile boxplots decile rating decimal arithmetic decimal calendar decimal coinage decimal coins decimal comma decimal computers decimal currency decimal currency was introduced decimal day decimal degree decimal degrees decimal digit decimal digits decimal expansion decimal expansions decimal floating point decimal floating point numbers decimal floating-point unit decimal form decimal fraction decimal fractions decimal halfpenny decimal marker decimal mode decimal notation decimal number decimal number system decimal numeral system decimal numerals decimal numeration decimal odds decimal penny decimal places decimal point decimal points decimal pound decimal prefixes decimal ratios decimal representation decimal representations decimal separator decimal superbase decimal superbase system decimal system decimal time decimal value decimal without a zero decimal-based currency decimalisation in general decimalisation of currency decimalization of currency decimalization of the pound decimalization of time periods within the day decimalization table attack decision agent decision analysis decision and game theory decision and reaction times decision based on incomplete information decision boundary decision cycle decision design decision diagram decision engine decision functions decision graph decision height decision heights decision information systems decision logic decision maker decision makers decision making decision making criteria decision making process decision making under uncertainty decision making unit decision matrix decision method decision model decision networks decision not to send regular troops decision options decision participants decision problem decision problem for first-order logic decision problems decision procedure decision process decision reversed decision rule decision rules decision science decision sciences decision situations decision strategy decision stumps decision support decision support software decision support system decision support systems decision support users decision table decision tables decision taking decision techniques decision theology decision theoretic decision theorist decision theorists decision theory decision to build a fifth nuclear power plant decision to rewrite decision to surrender decision to swing decision tools decision tree decision tree learning decision tree models decision trees decision under uncertainty decision variables decision-making capacity decision-making costs decision-making process decision-making under uncertainty decision-support systems decisional composite residuosity assumption decisional diffie-hellman problem decisions related to homosexuality decisive action decisive battle decisive battles decisive battles of the world decisive confrontation decisive match decisive moment decisive victory decisively defeated decisively defeated there decisively defeating deck access deck arch bridge deck brush deck cannon deck chair deck chairs deck cranes deck department deck force deck furniture deck gun deck guns deck height deck houses deck level deck machinery deck of 52 cards deck of cards deck of playing cards deck officer deck officers deck optimization deck shuffleboard deck tennis deck transformation group deck transformations deck truss deck truss bridge deck winches deck-based aircraft deck-stiffened arch deckle edged paper decks of cards declaration and forfeiture declaration as a republic declaration for liberty of conscience declaration of a republic declaration of a state of war declaration of a variable declaration of assent declaration of assets, liabilities and expenses declaration of belief declaration of dissolution declaration of emergency declaration of faith declaration of incompatibility declaration of independence declaration of independence. declaration of martial law declaration of monarchic rule declaration of neutrality declaration of nullity declaration of origin declaration of peace declaration of principles declaration of religious freedom declaration of surrender declaration of the country's independence declaration of the state declaration of trust declaration of war declaration phase declaration reflects use declarations against interest declarations of independence declarations of neutrality declarations of war declarative approach declarative knowledge declarative language declarative languages declarative memories declarative memory declarative model declarative notation declarative paradigm declarative programming declarative programming language declarative programming languages declarative relief declarative sentence declarative sentences declarative statement declarative theory of statehood declarative variables declaratory action declaratory judgement declaratory judgment declaratory judgments declaratory power declaratory relief declaratory statement declaratory word declare an emergency declare independence declare its independence declare its renewed independence declare support declare their independence declare war declare wars declared "beatus" declared a saint declared a state of emergency declared al-mut'ah temporary marriage declared al-mut'ah haram temporary marriage haram declared al-mut'ah temporary marriage haram declared by a special order declared dead declared full independence declared her independence declared himself declared himself dead declared himself emperor declared his innings closed declared his nephews illegitimate declared hostilities to be over declared illegal declared illegitimate declared independence declared its independence declared its neutrality declared itself as an independent nation declared itself independent declared martial law declared righteous declared the brother declared the capital city declared the dissolution of the union declared the independence declared their independence declared themselves independent declared to be in danger declared unconstitutional declared unofficial declared unwanted declared war declared war against her declared war against one another declares an outbreak declares independence declares its neutrality declares war declaring a state of emergency declaring himself declaring independence declaring its indepencence declaring its independence declaring side declaring war declassed elements declension classes declensional termination declination adjustment declination angle declination unit declination units decline as a centre of commerce decline in amphibian populations decline in birth rates decline in frog populations decline in human well-being decline in production decline of about 50% decline of aparteid decline of civilizations decline of pollinator populations decline of populations of pollinator decline of the average rate of profit decline of the empire decline the ballot declined flank declines in population declining economy declining in percentage terms declining languages declining marginal utility declining market declining production deco dawson decoction mash decoder chipset decoder pen decoder pin decoding algorithm decoherence interpretations decoherence theory decollate snail decollate snails decollement horizons decolonization wars decommissioned highway decommissioned ones decommissioned power station decommissioning body decommissioning harbor decommissioning nuclear facilities decomposable operators decomposable searching problem decomposed granite decomposed living organisms decomposes spontaneously decomposing food decomposing of time series decomposition group decomposition methods decomposition of movement decomposition of spectrum functional analysis decomposition section decomposition temperature decomposition theorem decompression accident decompression buoy decompression buoys decompression chamber decompression chambers decompression curve decompression cylinder decompression diving decompression emergencies decompression gas decompression illness decompression melting decompression meter decompression parties decompression party decompression stop decompression stops decompression table decompression tables decompression times decompression trapeze decompression trapezes decompressive craniectomy decon foam deconfined phase deconfinement temperature deconfining phase deconstructionist theories deconstructive thought deconstructivist architecture deconstructivist criticism decontamination factor decontamination foam decorate wedding cakes decorated egg decorated eggs decorated period decorated pine trees decorated tomb decorated tree decorating bags decorations and honours decorations for cakes decorations scandal decorative art decorative artist decorative arts decorative boxes decorative concrete decorative edging decorative effects decorative finish decorative garlands decorative glass decorative lighting decorative molding decorative moldings decorative mouldings decorative ornament decorative ornaments decorative painting decorative patterns decorative purposes decorative ropework decorative sculpture decorative terraces decorative tile decorative tiled decorative typeface decorative wall decorator pattern decorrelation theory decorticate or decerebrate posturing decorticate response decoupled architecture decoupling capacitor decoupling capacitors decoy flare decoy flares decoy list decoy lists decoy ship decrease exponentially decrease in numbers decrease of population decreased appetite decreased blood pressure decreased libido decreased mood decreased number of white blood cells decreases exponentially decreases exponentially fast decreasing birth rate decreasing exponentially decreasing marginal utility decreasing the size decree absolute decree jam decree nisi decree of expulsion decree time decreed unilaterally decrement tables decretos con fuerza de ley decriminalised homosexuality decriminalised parking enforcement decriminalization of drugs decriminalization of marijuana decriminalize marijuana decriminalized marijuana decriminalized the personal use of marijuana decryption field decryption key decryption keys decryption oracle decumanus maximus decurrent gills decurve bow decurved beak decussating fibers decussating of sensory fibers decussation of the lemniscus decussation of the pyramids decyl acrylate decyl benzyl succinate decyl bromoacetate decyl dichloroacetate decyl disulfide decyl heptafluorobutanoate decyl isothiocyanate decyl lactate decyl methacrylate decyl methyl sulfide decyl octyl phthalate decyl oleate decyl propionate decyl sulfide decyl trichloroacetate decylcitrate synthase decylhomocitrate synthase dedicated bus link dedicated circuit dedicated console dedicated consoles dedicated emulation device dedicated follower of fashion dedicated host dedicated hosting services dedicated lane dedicated line dedicated lines dedicated link emulation dedicated memory dedicated pier dedicated road space and traffic signal priority dedicated section dedicated server dedicated server hosting dedicated servers dedicated short-range communications dedicated station dedicated telephone line dedicated telephone lines dedicated the book dedicated to him dedicated track dedicated treaty dedicated truck dedicated video console dedicated video game console dedication plaque dedications plaques dedicatory inscription dedicatory inscriptions dedicatory pages deditonium bromide deducibility relation deduct the home mortgage interest deductible expense deduction for personal exemptions deduction of the categories deduction rules deduction system deduction theorem deductive argument deductive arguments deductive closure deductive closure principle deductive completeness deductive databases deductive explanation deductive inference deductive justification deductive logic deductive rationalism deductive reasoning deductive theory deductive-nomological model deductively closed deductively valid dee jay dee jaying deed enrolled deed in lieu of foreclosure deed of cession deed of change of name deed of donation deed of grant deed of sale deed of trust deed poll deed polls deed restrictions deeds registration deeds registration system deem sum deemed status deemed universities deemed university deeming provision deep 7 deep abdominal ring deep acting deep air strikes deep and lasting friendship deep and surface structures deep arteries of the penis deep artery of deep artery of clitoris deep artery of the arm deep artery of the penis deep artery of the thigh deep auricular deep auricular artery deep background deep backs deep battle deep battle doctrine deep binding deep blue deep body bitterling deep brachial artery deep brain stimulation deep brain stimulators deep branch deep branch of radial deep branch of the radial nerve deep branch of the ulnar nerve deep branch of ulnar nerve deep branches deep breath deep breathing deep cases deep cells deep cerebellar nuclei deep cerebral deep cerebral veins deep cervical deep cervical artery deep cervical branch deep cervical fascia deep cervical glands deep cervical group deep cervical lymph node deep cervical lymph nodes deep cervical vein deep cervical veins deep circumflex iliac artery deep color deep column station deep computing deep convection deep copies deep copy deep cover deep crural arch deep cuts deep cycle deep cycle batteries deep cycle battery deep defence deep democracy deep differentiation deep digital flexor tendon deep discharge deep discounters deep dish pizza deep dive deep diving deep donors deep dorsal muscles deep dorsal vein of clitoris deep dorsal vein of the penis deep drainage deep drawing deep drum deep dyslexia deep ecological deep ecologist deep ecologists deep ecology deep ellum ensemble deep end deep epigastric vein deep ergativity deep eutectic solvent deep eutectic solvents deep external pudendal artery deep extra cover deep facial glands deep facial vein deep fascia of the penis deep fasciculus deep fat fryer deep femoral artery deep fibers deep fibular deep fibular nerve deep field galaxy surveys deep field images deep final repositories deep final repository deep flexor deep focus deep focus earthquake deep focus earthquakes deep foundation deep foundations deep framing deep freeze deep freezers deep freezes deep fried deep fried candy bars deep fried twinkies deep fryer deep fryers deep frying deep funk deep galaxy surveys deep geologic setting deep geological disposal deep geological repositories deep geological repository deep geological storage deep green deep greens deep halves deep house deep iliac circumflex deep iliac circumflex artery deep image deep inelastic deep inelastic scattering deep inference deep inferior epigastric perforators deep inguinal deep inguinal glands deep inguinal lymph nodes deep inguinal ring deep integration deep interior deep lake water cooling deep layer deep layer of superficial fascia deep layer trough deep layers deep level deep levels deep lingual artery deep linking deep lymph glands deep lymphatic vessels deep lymphatic vessels of the thoracic wall deep magic deep male vocals deep map deep meditation deep melodic jazz deep middle cerebral vein deep mines deep muscles deep navy deep ocean deep ocean vents deep ocean water deep one deep operation deep operations deep origin deep packet inspection deep palmar arch deep palmar branch deep palmar venous arch deep part of the cardiac plexus deep penetrating arteries deep penetration agent deep perineal fascia deep perineal pouch deep perineal sac deep peroneal nerve deep peroneal nerve. deep petrosal deep petrosal nerve deep philosophical significance deep pipelining deep plan deep plantar arteries deep plantar artery deep plantar venous arch deep plexus deep pocket deep pockets deep polar basin deep ramp deep reactive ion etched deep reactive ion etching deep reactive-ion etching deep recession deep saffron deep saffron deep sand bed deep sand beds deep scale property deep scattering layer deep sea deep sea anglerfish deep sea bonefish deep sea canyons deep sea coring deep sea diver deep sea divers deep sea diving deep sea diving suits deep sea drilling deep sea eel deep sea fan deep sea fish deep sea fishing deep sea hydrothermal vent deep sea listening equipment deep sea physical oceanography deep sea research deep sea smelt deep sea submersibles deep sea vents deep seas deep seating deep self deep shaft mining deep shaft piercing deep shelter deep sky deep sky object deep sky objects deep sleep deep sleep therapy deep soul deep sound channel deep sound layer deep sounding method deep south deep space deep space network deep square deep stall deep state deep stops deep structure deep structures deep submergence rescue vehicles deep submergence vehicle deep sulcus sign deep surface of the tonsil deep temporal deep temporal arteries deep temporal artery deep temporal nerve deep temporal nerves deep temporal veins deep tendon reflexes deep throat deep throat sexual act deep throated deep throating deep throats deep time deep tissue massage deep transverse deep transverse fascia of the leg deep transverse fibers deep transverse metacarpal ligament deep transverse perineal deep ultraviolet deep underground facilities deep valleys deep value investor deep vein deep vein thrombosis deep vein thrombosis deep veins deep venous clots deep venous thromboembolism deep venous thromboses deep venous thrombosis deep vessels deep volar deep volar arch deep volar branch deep volar venous arch deep water deep water bays deep water blackout deep water jigging deep water port deep water ports deep water ship channel deep water soloing deep water start deep water towing tank deep water wave deep waters deep web deep wells deep-bodied mahseer deep-bore tunneling deep-brain nuclei deep-core drillers deep-cover agent deep-cycle batteries deep-dish pizza deep-dwelling bacteria deep-fat fry deep-fat frying deep-focus cinematography deep-fried chipped deep-fried foods deep-fried pizza deep-fried pizzas deep-fried pork cutlet deep-layer trough deep-level air-raid shelter deep-level defects deep-level shelter deep-level shelters deep-level transient spectroscopy deep-level traps deep-level tube deep-level tube network deep-lying forward deep-lying playmaker deep-lying role deep-sea cores deep-sea diver deep-sea diving deep-sea ecosystems deep-sea fan deep-sea fish deep-sea fishes deep-sea fishing deep-sea gigantism deep-sea hatchetfish deep-sea marine life deep-sea smelt deep-sea smelts deep-sea spiny eel deep-sea spiny eels deep-sea submersible deep-sea trench deep-sky object deep-sky objects deep-space probes deep-space teleporting deep-sub-voltage nanoelectronics deep-vee hull deep-vein thrombosis deep-water communication cables deep-water port deep-water ports deep-water sculpins deep-water solo deep-water soloing deep-water wave deepen more rapidly deepening economic depression deeper muscles of the neck and back deepest known deepest lake deepest point deepest transit station deeply inelastic deeply penetrating deeply valued deeply-cleft chin deepwater arrowtooth eel deepwater cardinalfish deepwater cardinalfishes deepwater cisco deepwater flathead deepwater flatheads deepwater pier deepwater port deepwater ports deepwater stingray deepwater stingrays deer botfly deer brush deer cabbage deer chihuahua deer dance deer exercise deer eyes deer farms deer fern deer fields deer flies deer fly deer forest deer forests deer grass Muhlenbergia rigens deer hind deer horn knives deer hunting deer in mythology deer mice deer mouse deer papillomavirus deer park deer parks deer pelts deer rawhide deer scouting deer season deer slug deer song deer stalker deer stalking deer stop deer tick deer ticks deerskin trade deerstalker hat def by temptation def-use chains defacement of the flag defamation and libel defamation of character defamation or liability defamatory content defamatory libel defamiliarization effects default argument default constructor default font default gateway default image default judgement default judgements default judgment default logic default music default permit default premium default probability default reasoning default risk default route default routes default rule default rules default swap default value default-free zone defeasible estate defeasible fee defeasible logic defeasible reasoning defeat and retreat defeat in detail defeat it in detail defeat of judicial nominees defeat of reasons defeat strength defeat the legions in detail defeat them defeated and annexed defeated and taken prisoner defeated for re-election defeated him badly defeated hugely favoured defeated in an electoral landslide defeated in battle defeated in detail defeated in the north defeated its enemies defeated near the city defeated nominee defeated the invaders defeated them 21-3 defeating a rebellion defeats of that year defeats on other fronts defecates as he dies defecation syncope defecation vasovagal syncope defect detection testing defect detector defect detectors defect free defect group defect lines defect of illumination defect prevention programs defect states defect structures defect tracking defect zero defected to the other side defective immune function defective interfering particle defective item defective matrices defective matrix defective on arrival defective orthography defective pixel defective pixels defective product defective products defective script defective verb defective verbs defective virus defector in place defectors and refugees defectors in place defects in specific types of industrial lighting defects in the crystalline structure defects per defects per million opportunities one million opportunities defects per one million opportunities defence aerospace defence analyst defence attorney defence budget defence contractor defence contractors defence corporation defence counsel defence critic defence cutbacks defence cuts defence department defence diplomacy defence establishments defence force defence forces defence in depth defence industry defence lawyer defence lawyers defence line defence mechanism defence mechanism defence mechanisms defence minister defence ministry defence of estuarial and local waters defence of insanity defence of necessity defence of property defence of that area defence of the monarch defence of the north-eastern frontier defence power defence preparedness defence reforms defence review defence reviews defence screen defence screens defence solutions defence spending defence studies defence technology company defence tower ice hockey defend his colleagues' policies defend it defend the capital defend the crater defend the island defend their thesis defend their western borders defendant in error defended house defended its positions until the capitulation defended the area defended themselves defender left defender of the bond defender of the faith defender of the matrimonial tie defenders deploy in depth defenders of human rights