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dual power dual price system dual problem dual projective plane dual projective space dual pronunciations dual purpose dual purpose breed dual purpose gun dual purpose guns dual purpose guns, dual quaternions dual region dual representation dual representations dual residence dual resonance model dual resonance models dual role dual roles dual share insurance system dual side band dual simplex dual slalom dual sovereignty dual space dual spaces dual speciality status dual speed hub dual sport dual standard dual star dual suns dual superconducting model dual superconductor dual system dual system of government dual threaded dual threat quarterback dual title dual tone multi frequency dual tone multi-frequency dual topologies dual topology dual transfer mode dual translation dual trigger insurance dual troll dual union dual unionism dual unionist dual unions dual use dual use potential of rockets dual use technologies dual variety dual vector dual vector space dual vector spaces dual vectors dual venus symbol dual voltage dual wavelet dual welfare system dual wield dual wielded dual wielding dual-Horn clauses dual-affine connections dual-aspect monism dual-aspect theory dual-attribute theory dual-axis trackers dual-beam headlight dual-carriage way dual-carriageway road dual-channel architecture dual-class equities dual-clutch gearbox dual-clutch transmission dual-coding theory dual-core device dual-core devices dual-degree programs dual-fuel cars dual-ignition system dual-intuitionistic logic dual-license model dual-listed company dual-mode bus dual-mode buses dual-mode locomotives dual-mode phones dual-mode vehicle dual-mode vehicles dual-modulus prescaler dual-monarchic union dual-phase steel dual-processor systems dual-purpose guns dual-purpose secondary armament dual-regular compound dual-seat constituency dual vote dual-slope integrator method dual-specificity kinase dual-specificity phosphatases dual-stage intake manifold dual-task paradigms dual-threat quarterbacks dual-tone multi-frequency dual-track pricing system dual-transistor output stage dual-use equipment dual-use technologies dual-use technology dual-way line dualising module dualist immortality of the soul dualist theory dualistic concept of the soul dualistic cosmology dualistic interactionism dualistic myths dualistic theory dualistically-conceived mind order theory duality in order theory duality in projective geometry duality mapping duality of abelian varieties duality of patterning duality of plane projective geometry duality of polyhedra duality of power duality of structure duality or opposition duality principle duality principle for order theory duality relationship duality theorem for linear programming duality theories duality theory duality theory of abelian varieties dualizing complex dub ambience dub music dub musician dub musicians dub plate dub plate specials dub plates dub poet dub poetry dub reggae dub style dub techno dub version dub versions dubbed down dubbed the voices dubbed version dubbed versions dubbing actor dubbing actress dubbing artist dubbing dramaturge dubbing scripts dubia in meliora partem interpretari debent dubious accounting practices in some major corporations dubious circumstances dubious claims dubious legality dubious name dubious occupation dubious sources dubious theropod dubiously attributed dubitative mood dubu kimchi duc d'Aiguilion duc d'Aiguillon duc d'Albufera duc d'Alençon duc d'Angoulême duc d'Anjou duc d'Antin duc d'Audiffret-Pasquier duc d'Auerstaedt duc d'Aumale duc d'Aumale's duc d'Aumont duc d'Enghien duc d'Estissac duc d'Orleans duc d'Orléans duc d'Otrante duc d'Épernon duc d’Angoulême duc et pair ducal age ducal councillor ducal court ducal hat ducal palace ducal title ducally crowned duces tecum duchesse d'Aiguillon duchesse d'Enville duchesse d'Orléans duchesse d'Étampes duchies and counties duché grand-fief duché grand-fief de l'Empire duché-grand fief duchés grand-fiefs duck and cover duck bills duck blind duck boat duck boats duck call duck clams duck cloth duck confit duck decoy duck decoys duck dish duck down duck egg blue duck eggs duck embryo duck face duck feet duck fried rice duck gongs duck hepatitis virus 1 duck hepatitis virus 2 duck hunt duck hunter duck hunters duck hunting duck jibes duck pear duck plague duck pond duck ponds duck race duck races duck sauce duck sausage duck season duck stamp duck stamps duck tail duck test duck tour duck typed duck typing duck under duck under their desks duck viral enteritis duck walk duck walks duck weed duck-billed dinosaur duck-billed dinosaurs duck-billed platypus duck-billed platypuses duckbill eel duckbilled barracudina ducked in water ducked routes ducking chair ducking stool ducking stools duckpin bowling on water ducks and drakes ducks and geese ducks demo ducks on the pond duckwater pyrg duckweed seagrasses duct ectasia syndrome duct flute duct of duct of the seminal vesicle duct of the testis duct plate duct tape duct tape occlusion therapy duct taped duct tapes duct taping ductal carcinoma ductal carcinoma in situ ductal hyperplasia ductal lavage ducted fan ducted fans ducted rocket ductile cast iron ductile creep ductile fracture ductile iron ductile overload ductile pipe ductile-brittle transition temperature ducting effect ductless gland ductless glands ducts of the seminal vesicles ducts or canals ductuli aberrantes ductuli efferentes ductuli transversi ductulus aberrans inferior ductulus aberrans superior ductus arteriosus ductus bursae ductus cochlearis ductus deferens ductus deferentes ductus endolymphaticus ductus longitudinalis epoöphori ductus parotideus ductus utriculosaccularis ductus venosus dude ranch dude ranches dude ranching dudh pully due care due date due diligence due dilligence due his button due obedience due process due process clause due process of law due time due times due to due to explosives due to flagellin mutations due to insanity due to man's activities due to medical procedures due to radiation due to reaction with carbon monoxide due to their unique ownership status due-diligence defence due-on-sale clause duel disk duel of honour dueling pistol dueling pistols dueling practices dueling roller coaster dueling sword dueling swords duelling banjos duelling ground duelling pistol duelling pistols duelling with banjos duelo criollo dues check-off dues shop duet rule duet song duet vocals duet with guest duffel bag duffel bags duffel coat duffle coat duffy negative dug trenches dug up, hung in chains, and beheaded dugout boats dugout canoe dugout canoes duit raya duke d'Angouleme duke of dulce de batata dulce de leche dulce de membrillo dulce et decorum est pro patria mori dulce melos dule tree dull one duly landed dum laborus prosperous dum spiro spero dum-dum bullets duma dyak dumb blond dumb blonde dumb blondes dumb bomb dumb bombs dumb buffers dumb charade dumb criminals dumb down dumb network dumb show dumb shows dumb terminal dumb terminals dumbbell curl dumbbell flyes dumbbell tenement dumbed down dumbing down dumbo octopuses dumbs down dumdum bullets dummy "it" dummy auxiliary dummy battleship dummy bidders dummy code dummy company dummy cords dummy corporation dummy corporations dummy drug dummy grenade dummy half dummy head dummy head recording dummy load dummy loads dummy pronoun dummy pronouns dummy reversal dummy round dummy rounds dummy sites dummy subject dummy subjects dummy variable dummy variable substitution dummy variables dump analyzers dump bed dump beds dump box dump button dump charging dump core dump files dump for domestic waste dump gate dump leach dump leaching dump nest dump scows dump site dump sites dump station dump tackle dump truck dump trucks dump valve dump valves dumper truck pricing policy dumping fuel dumping ground dumping site dumping syndrome dumpling soup dumpster dive dumpster diver dumpster diving dumpster match dumpy level dumpy levels dun color dun coloration dun cow dun gene dun möch dunce cap dunce caps dunce hat dunce hat dune bashing dune blesmols dune buggies dune buggy dune cruising dune fescue grass dune fields dune grassland dune sea dune spurge dune stabilisation dune stalkers dune system dune tansy dune tiger beetle dung beetle dung beetles dung chair dung chen dung flies dung middens dungeness crab dungeon crawl dungeon crawler dungeon crawlers dungeon crawling dungeon crawls dungeon hack dungeon level dungeon levels dungeon master dungeon master of ceremonies dungeon masters dungeon monitor dungeon monitors dungeons and dragons online dunk shot dunk tank dunk tanks dunkel lager dunking clowns dunking tank duo cocktail duo ensemble duo of episodes duo-binary signaling duodenal bulb duodenal cancer duodenal glands duodenal impression duodenal mucosa duodenal switch duodenal switch surgery duodenal ulcer duodenal ulcers duodenal varices duodenojejunal flexure duodenojejunal fold duodenojejunal fossa duodenojejunal junction duodenomesocolic fold duodenopyloric constriction duomeen o duopolistic market dupe negative duple beat duple meter duple metre duple rhythm duple time duplets and triplets duplex cancels duplex drive duplex escapement duplex housing duplex locomotive duplex locomotives duplex mismatch duplex mismatches duplex modes duplex printing duplex querela duplex receptacle duplex receptacles duplex scale duplex scaling duplex steam pump duplex transmission duplex ultrasound duplex waterworks engine duplex worm duplex worm drives duplex worms duplicate board duplicate boards duplicate bridge duplicate code duplicate of himself duplicate stitch duplicate thread prevention duplicate versions duplicated code duplicates of themselves duplicating itself over and over duplicating machine duplicating machines duplicating the cube duplication de l'Hexaèdre duplication formula duplication matrix duplication of a dot duplication of the cube duplication of values duplicator machine duplitized film duplitized stock dura ace dura mater dura mater transplants dura maters dura of dura of the brain durable consumer goods durable good durable goods durable medical equipment durable power of attorney dural arteriovenous fistula dural branch dural mater dural membranes dural reflections dural septae dural sinus thrombosis dural venous sinus dural venous sinuses duran duran durangonella de coahuila snail project management duration analysis duration gap duration mismatch duration modeling duration of action duration of each note duration of pregnancy duration of sexual intercourse duration scale durational pattern durational patterns durative aspect durbar hall contract law duress code durian tree during a collision during a liberation war during a mission during a race during a time during a year when most shows during an outbreak during daylight hours during his rookie year during menstruation during metrication during the day during the daytime during the first round during the followup strikes during the third season during the times during the war during their migration during wartime durum wheat durum wheats duræ matris dusky betta dusky catshark dusky cuckoo-dove dusky dolphin dusky dolphins dusky finless skate dusky flycatcher dusky galaxias dusky glass perch dusky grouper dusky lancetooth dusky moorhens dusky pigmy rattlesnake dusky rat dusky rockfish dusky sap beetle dusky seaside sparrow dusky shark dusky sharks dust abatement dust allergy dust and sand storms dust band dust bowl dust brown snakeling dust bunnies dust bunny dust buster dust cloud dust collection dust collection system dust collector dust collectors dust cover dust covers dust cyclones dust devil dust devils dust disc dust disk dust explosion dust explosions dust extinction dust extraction dust grains dust jacket dust jackets dust liner dust lungs dust mask dust mite dust mites dust models dust mop dust pans dust particles dust pneumonia dust pollution dust reduction dust reduction system dust sleeve dust solution dust solutions dust storm dust storms dust to dust energy cost dust trails dust wrapper dustbin lorry dustbin man dustbin of history dusty disk dusty plasma dusty plasma physics dusty plasmas dutch angles dutch army dutch auction dutch barn dutch brick dutch clover dutch disease dutch door dutch doors dutch elm disease dutch flag dutch gable dutch hoe dutch ovens dutch roll dutch rub dutch-process cocoa duties of care duty and honor duty belt duty belts duty counsel duty cycle duty cycles duty doctor duty free duty free retail duty free shop duty free shopping duty free shops duty free stores duty of care duty of confidentiality duty of fair representation duty of fairness duty of good faith duty of loyalty duty of reasonable care duty solicitor duty station duty stations duty to act duty to mitigate duty to protect duty to rescue duty to retreat duty to warn duty vehicle duty zone duty-free area duty-free mall duty-free sales duty-free shop duty-free shopping duty-free shops duty-free store duty-free stores duvan čvarci dux award dux bellorum dux limitis dw tv dwarf angelfish dwarf antelopes dwarf bat dwarf beeches dwarf birch dwarf boa dwarf boas dwarf bread dwarf breeds dwarf bristlecone pines dwarf buffalo dwarf caiman dwarf caimans dwarf cherry tree dwarf cichlid dwarf cichlids dwarf companion galaxies dwarf creatures dwarf crocodile dwarf crocodiles dwarf desert knotweed dwarf elder dwarf elephant dwarf elephants dwarf elliptical galaxies dwarf elliptical galaxy dwarf enchanter's nightshade dwarf evergreens dwarf fauna dwarf forests dwarf form dwarf galaxias dwarf galaxid dwarf galaxies dwarf galaxy dwarf galaxy problem dwarf gecko dwarf gourami dwarf hackberry dwarf hamster dwarf hamsters dwarf irregular dwarf irregular galaxy dwarf lake turkana robber dwarf lemur dwarf litter-skink dwarf loach dwarf mammals dwarf mammoth dwarf minke whale dwarf mistletoe dwarf mistletoes dwarf mongoose dwarf mongooses dwarf mouse-ear dwarf msasa dwarf nettle dwarf nova dwarf novae dwarf oak dwarf pebblesnail dwarf planet dwarf planets dwarf plant dwarf plantain dwarf primula dwarf pygmy goby dwarf rainbowfish dwarf ricefish dwarf sand adder dwarf sawfish dwarf sculpin dwarf sicklefin chimaera dwarf signal dwarf snakeheads dwarf snapdragon dwarf sperm whale dwarf sperm whales dwarf spheroidal dwarf spheroidal galaxies dwarf spheroidal galaxy dwarf spiders dwarf spiral galaxy dwarf star dwarf stars dwarf tarantulas dwarf thistle dwarf throwing dwarf tossing dwarf variety dwarf wedge mussel dwarf willow dwarf willows dwarfed elephants dwarfing of island mammals dwarfing rootstock dwarven pantheon dwell angle dwell time dwelling houses dwindling buffalo population dwindling global oil reserves Greek philosophy spiritual workshops dyad symmetry dyadic compactum dyadic counterpoint dyadic fraction dyadic fractions dyadic monoid dyadic product dyadic rational numbers dyadic rationals dyadic relation dyadic relations dyadic solenoid dyadic tensor dyadic tree dydoe piercing dye couplers dye destruction dye diffusion dye laser dye lasers dye marker dye pack dye packs dye penetrant inspection dye pits dye sublimation dye sublimations dye terminator sequencing dye tracing dye transfer dye tube dye-based chemistry dye-sensitized solar cell dye-sensitized solar cells dye-sublimation printer dye-sublimation printers dye-tuned lasers dyed and painted eggs dyed eggs dyed hair dyed his hair dyeing assistants dyeing hair dying alone dying and being brought back to life dying and reviving god dying and reviving gods dying and rising dying culture dying declaration dying declarations dying earth dying god dying language dying languages dying men are rumoured to see their entire lives flash before their eyes dying on the cross dying or dead language dying quail dying region dying revolutionary dying settlement dying star dying works dying-and-rising god dyke bar dyke or dike dyke swarm dylan moort, dymanic equivalence dynamic braking rheostatic braking dynamic rheostatic braking dynamic ability dynamic accent dynamic accumulator dynamic advertising dynamic allocation dynamic amplification factor dynamic analysis dynamic apnoea dynamic array dynamic arrays dynamic arrest dynamic assessment dynamic asset allocation dynamic balancer dynamic bandwidth allocation dynamic bandwidth allocation method dynamic behavior dynamic belay dynamic binding dynamic bit-steering dynamic black lists dynamic brake dynamic brakes dynamic braking dynamic capabilities dynamic capability dynamic cast dynamic changes dynamic channel allocation dynamic character dynamic characteristics dynamic class loading dynamic climbing rope dynamic cognition dynamic compilation dynamic compiler dynamic compilers dynamic compression plate dynamic construal theory dynamic content dynamic content management dynamic contrast dynamic contrast range dynamic control dynamic convex hull dynamic covalent chemistry dynamic data dynamic data exchange dynamic data structures dynamic data typing dynamic demand technology dynamic disequilibrium dynamic dispatch dynamic dispatching dynamic distribution graphs dynamic dns dynamic electrophoretic mobility dynamic energy budget dynamic entry dynamic equilibrium dynamic equivalence dynamic facilitation dynamic file loading dynamic font dynamic fonts dynamic forces dynamic fractal generation dynamic fracture dynamic frequency scaling dynamic frequency selection dynamic friction dynamic game dynamic games dynamic geology dynamic hashing dynamic heap dynamic heights dynamic hip screw dynamic imbalance dynamic inconsistency dynamic instability dynamic instruction translation dynamic instrumentation dynamic investment models dynamic kinetic resolution dynamic language dynamic languages dynamic level dynamic levels dynamic libraries dynamic library dynamic library references for linking dynamic lift dynamic lifting dynamic light scattering dynamic lighting dynamic lights dynamic link dynamic link libraries dynamic link library dynamic link matching dynamic linked libraries dynamic linker dynamic linking dynamic load levelling dynamic load testing dynamic loading dynamic logic dynamic logics dynamic macroeconomic systems dynamic macroeconomics dynamic mechanical analysis dynamic meditation dynamic memory dynamic memory allocation dynamic memory allocators dynamic memory management dynamic microphone dynamic microphones dynamic model dynamic modeling dynamic modelling dynamic models dynamic modules dynamic modulus dynamic monarchianism dynamic music dynamic mutations dynamic name resolution dynamic network analysis dynamic neural branch predictors dynamic neuronal systems dynamic nuclear polarisation dynamic object creation dynamic packaging dynamic page publishing dynamic pages dynamic perfect hashing dynamic philosophé dynamic pile monitoring dynamic planning dynamic positioned (DP), dynamic positioning dynamic power dynamic power dissipation dynamic pressure dynamic problems dynamic program analysis dynamic programming dynamic programming algorithm dynamic programming language dynamic programming languages dynamic properties of inquiry dynamic psychiatry dynamic queries dynamic random access memory dynamic random-access memory dynamic random-access memory units dynamic range dynamic range compression dynamic range searching dynamic ranges dynamic rather than static indexing strategies dynamic recompilation dynamic recompiler dynamic recrystallisation dynamic recrystallization dynamic relaxation dynamic resistance dynamic respiration index dynamic response dynamic retinoscopy dynamic ridesharing dynamic rollover dynamic rope dynamic ropes dynamic route clearance dynamic routing dynamic scope dynamic scoping dynamic scoring dynamic sea surface topography dynamic semantics dynamic set dynamic similitude dynamic simulation dynamic simulations dynamic slip control dynamic soaring dynamic social impact theory dynamic stability control dynamic stability control system dynamic stabilization dynamic stabilizer dynamic stall dynamic stereochemistry dynamic stochastic general equilibrium dynamic storage dynamic stretching dynamic susceptibility dynamic symmetry dynamic synapse dynamic system dynamic systems dynamic systems theory dynamic testing dynamic theory of crystals dynamic time warping dynamic transducers dynamic translation dynamic translator dynamic type dynamic type system dynamic types dynamic typing dynamic unconscious dynamic variable scoping dynamic verbs dynamic verification dynamic version dynamic viscosity dynamic voltage scaling dynamic web content dynamic web page dynamic web pages dynamic website dynamic wind dynamic wind damper dynamic-link libraries dynamic-link library dynamic-linked libraries dynamical analogies dynamical astronomy dynamical billiard dynamical billiard table dynamical billiards dynamical core dynamical determinism dynamical equation dynamical equilibrium dynamical equivalence dynamical framework dynamical friction dynamical genetics dynamical horizons dynamical invariants dynamical maps dynamical parallax dynamical plane dynamical psychology dynamical simulation dynamical symmetry breaking dynamical system dynamical systems dynamical systems and chaos theory dynamical systems theory dynamical theory dynamical theory of diffraction dynamical time dynamical time scale dynamical time scales dynamically addressed dynamically allocated dynamically bound dynamically inconsistent dynamically link dynamically linkable libraries dynamically linked dynamically linked code dynamically linked libraries dynamically linked library dynamically loadable dynamically loadable libraries dynamically loaded dynamically loaded library dynamically positioned dynamically reconfigurable dynamically reflective dynamically scoped dynamically stable dynamically translates dynamically typed dynamically typed languages dynamically unstable dynamically-linked libraries dynamically-loaded shared libraries dynamicly scoped dynamics algorithm dynamics and stability dynamics compression dynamics of inquiry dynamics of rigid bodies dynamics of systems of particles dynamite fishing dynamite gun dynamite torpedo-gun dynamite was set off dynamization transformation dynamo action dynamo effect dynamo hubs dynamo model dynamo process dynamo processes dynamo theory dynamometer car dynamometer cars dynastic alliance dynastic claim dynastic crisis dynastic cycle dynastic cycles dynastic dispute dynastic eras dynastic history dynastic honours dynastic list dynastic orders dynastic period dynastic periods dynastic struggles dynastic succession dynastic title dynastic union dynastic unions dynastical crisis dynastical succession dynasty carrying the same name dynasty of justiciars dynasty years dynatron oscillator dyne test dynkin diagram dyodorus siculus dysaethesia aethiopica dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy dysbaric osteonecrosis dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor dysexecutive syndrome dysfunctional families dysfunctional family dysfunctional family life dysfunctional family relationships dysfunctional household dysfunctional relationships dysmorphic features dyson sphere dysphagia lusoria dysphemism treadmill dysplasia of the hip dysplastic changes dysplastic nails dysplastic nevi dysplastic nevus dysplastic nevus syndrome dysprosium dicarbide dysprosium dichloride dysprosium monochloride dysprosium tetracarbide dysprosium titanate dysprosium trichloride dystonia musculorum deformans dystopia canthorum dystopian fiction dystopian future dystopian metropolis dystopian novel dystopian novels dystopic novel dystopic societies dystrophia retinae pigmentosa-dysostosis syndrome dystrophic calcification dystrophic calcifications dystrophic calcinosis cutis dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa dystrophin-associated protein complex dzog rim dà chái hú wán dào (Mandarin)dō début album débòt circle dance défilé du 14 juillet dégradation nationale déja vu déjà vu délégués du personnel départ réel département d'outre mer département d'outre-mer département homonymous départements d'outre mer départements d'outre-mer détournement du pouvoir développement autocentre dézyèm fidji día de los muertos döner kebab döner kebabs döner kebap dörvon chihtei huur dörvön chikhtei khuur dāng guī sì nì wán dāng guī wán dōbutsu uranai dōjin game dōjin games dōjin music dōjin soft dōjinshi circle dōjō kun dōkun iji e-ID card e-Mail filter e-Mexico initiative e-Reader cards e-Reader compatibility e-affine connection e-beam lithography e-chrysanthenyl acetate e-commerce payment systems e-decimated discrete wavelet transform e-flat clarinet e-flat clarinetist e-folding time e-learning benchmarking methodologies e-mail abuse e-mail accounts e-mail address e-mail address harvesting e-mail addresses e-mail addressing e-mail anti-spam technique e-mail art e-mail attachment e-mail attachments e-mail authentication e-mail backscatter e-mail bombing e-mail chess