dura mater

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First attested circa 1400, from Medieval Latin dura mater cerebri (literally hard mother of the brain), a loan translation of Arabic أُمّ الدِّمَاغ الصَفِيقَة(ʾumm ad-dimāḡ aṣ-ṣafīqa, literally thick mother of the brain, matrix of the brain).


dura mater

  1. (anatomy) The tough and inflexible outermost of the three layers of the meninges
    • 1997: Chris Horrocks, Introducing Foucault, page 53 (Totem Books, Icon Books; →ISBN
      Hmm, false membranes are adhering to the arachnoidian layer of the dura mater. I’m directing my gaze into a world of constant visibility. Where does it hurt?


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