dwell time

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dwell time (usually uncountable, plural dwell times)

  1. The length of time that a thing or person remains in a given state.
    1. (chiefly engineering) The period of time that a system or element of a system remains in a given state.
      The drone has a dwell time of about six hours when operating from an in-theater airfield.
      The part needs a total dwell time in the autoclave of 95 minutes.
      • 2019 October, “Chase Line service to be split next May”, in Modern Railways, page 17:
        Mr Thomas also confirmed that dwell times at New Street [Birmingham] are being examined to assess whether lengthening these would give the service more resilience, ...
    2. (military) The duty time soldiers have at their domestic home base between foreign deployments.
    3. (Internet, marketing) The amount of time that a user spends on a certain page or site.
    4. (shipping) The amount of time a container is sitting onshore before being loaded onto trucks.