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first-strike attack first-strike capability first-team squad first-time borrowers first-time buyers first-time offender first-to-file principle first-usage lands rights first-wave feminism first-wave feminist first-wave feminists first-world countries first-year draft first-year player draft first-year student first-year students firstborn laestadian fiscal accountability fiscal adjustment fiscal adviser fiscal affairs fiscal agent fiscal and economic policy fiscal autonomy fiscal burden fiscal calendar fiscal conservatism fiscal conservative fiscal conservatives fiscal courts fiscal crisis fiscal deficit fiscal deficits fiscal discipline fiscal drag fiscal envelope fiscal equation fiscal evasion fiscal expansion fiscal federalism fiscal federalist fiscal federalists fiscal fines fiscal guard fiscal horsepower fiscal imbalance fiscal imbalances fiscal issues fiscal land fiscal neutrality fiscal policies fiscal policy fiscal policy rules fiscal politics fiscal problems fiscal promoter fiscal quarter fiscal reform fiscal reserves fiscal responsibility fiscal revenue fiscal sponsor fiscal sponsorship fiscal stamps fiscal system fiscal theory fiscal theory of the price level fiscal transfers fiscal watchdog fiscal welfare fiscal year fiscal year-end fiscal years fiscal-military state fiscally conservative fiscally-expansive economic policies fish & chip fish & chip shop fish 'n' chips fish acronym fish aggregating device fish anatomy fish and brewis fish and chip fish and chip shop fish and chip shops fish and chippery fish and chips fish and chips shop fish and wildlife fish and wildlife conservation fish and wildlife officers fish as food fish bait fish ball fish ball noodles fish balls fish base fish biology fish boil fish boils fish bowl fish bowls fish cake fish cakes fish camp fish cannery fish car fish commission fish community fish conservation fish counter fish culture fish curing fish development fish disease fish eagle fish eagles fish egg fish eggs fish emblem fish emulsion fish eye fish factory fish factory ship fish factory vessels fish farm fish farming fish farms fish fillets fish finger fish fingers fish flakes fish food fish foods fish fork fish fries fish fry fish frys fish fur fish glue fish habitat compensation facility fish hatcheries fish hatchery fish havens fish hawk fish heads fish hearing fish hook fish hooks fish industry fish is named fish kill fish kills fish knife fish ladder fish ladders fish lice fish lift fish lifts fish lights fish location sonar fish louse fish market fish markets fish maw fish meal fish measurement fish medicine fish merchant fish migration fish monger fish mongers fish movie fish need to learn how to swim fish of the same name fish oil fish oils fish out of water fish out of water comedy film fish packing fish pass fish passage fish passes fish paste fish pen fish pickle fish plant fish plants fish plates fish pond fish ponds fish processing fish processing boat fish processing enterprises fish processing facilities fish processing facility fish processing factories fish processing factory fish processing industry fish processing plant fish processing plants fish processing ship fish processing tankers fish processing vessel fish processing vessels fish racer fish sanctuary fish sandwich fish sauce fish sauces fish scale fish scaler fish scales fish school fish screens fish skeletons fish slice fish slices fish soup fish spawning fish stew fish sticks fish stock fish stocking fish stocks fish stocks were so depleted fish sump fish supper fish symbol fish tacos fish tank fish tanks fish traps fish weirs fish wheel fish – basket fish-belly flap gates fish-belly rails fish-eating bat fish-eating dinosaur fish-eye lens fish-odour syndrome fish-processing industry fish-slapping dance fishball noodles fishbone chart fishbone diagram fished commercially fisher boom fisher castes fisher exact test fisher girl fisher girls fisher indexes fisheries biologist fisheries biology fisheries discards fisheries ecology fisheries inspection fisheries management fisheries management plans fisheries protection fisheries science fisheries scientist fisherman bats fisherman brainbuster fisherman buster fisherman suplex fisherman suplex hold fishermans staysails fishermen disciples fishermens union fishers of men fishery economics fishery management fishery protection fishery protection squadron fishery protection vessels fishery rationalization fishery sciences fishery scientist fishery trades fishery warden fisheye effect fisheye lens fisheye lenses fishhook cactus fishing admirals fishing and diving reef fishing bait fishing banks fishing bat fishing berth fishing boat fishing boats fishing club fishing craft fishing culture fishing derby fishing entities fishing equipment fishing expedition fishing farming community fishing ferry fishing fleet fishing fleets fishing flies fishing fly fishing game fishing gear fishing grounds fishing hook fishing hooks fishing induced mortality fishing industries fishing industry fishing licences fishing license fishing light attractor fishing line fishing lines fishing lofts fishing lure fishing lures fishing mortality fishing net fishing nets fishing pier fishing piers fishing pole fishing poles fishing ponds fishing port fishing ports fishing pressure fishing quota fishing quotas fishing reel fishing reels fishing rights fishing rod fishing rods fishing rules and regulations fishing ship fishing ships fishing sinkers fishing smack fishing snake fishing spear fishing spears fishing spiders fishing stage fishing stages fishing tackle fishing television series fishing tool fishing tournaments fishing town fishing trawler fishing trawlers fishing vessel fishing vessels fishing village fishing villages fishing weir fishing weirs fishing with tame cormorants fishnet fetishism fishnet stockings fishtail palm fishtail parka fishtail parkas fissile and fertile material fissile cores fissile elements fissile material fissile materials fission bomb fission bombs fission boosting fission chain reaction fission cross section fission fragments fission isomers fission monitor fission neutrons fission power fission power plant fission product fission product poisons fission product yield fission product yields fission products fission reaction fission reactor fission reactors fission sail fission track dating fission tracks fission weapon fission yeast fission-fragment rocket fission-fusion pattern fission-fusion social structure fission-fusion society fissionable material fissura antitragohelicina fissura rhinalis fissura sterni fissure eruption fissure mine fissure of fissure of brain fissure of medulla oblongata fissure prima fissure-valley landscape fissures and lobes of fissures and sulci of fissures of fissures of brain fist drop fist fight fist fights fist of fives fist pump fist pumps fist strikes fist with a rose fisting sling fisting slings fists and legs fistula of kidney fit model fit modeling fitbone surgery fitness & figure competitor fitness advisor fitness and figure competition fitness and figure competitions fitness and figure competitor fitness area fitness center fitness centers fitness centre fitness centres fitness club fitness clubs fitness coach fitness competition fitness competitions fitness competitor fitness competitors fitness conditioning fitness consultant fitness distribution fitness equipment fitness factors fitness for a particular purpose fitness for use fitness function fitness functions fitness gym fitness instructor fitness landscape fitness landscapes fitness magazine fitness model fitness modelling fitness models fitness orb fitness proportionate selection fitness suite fitness surfaces fitness tests fitness to plead fitness trail fitness trails fitness trainer fitness training fitness wear fitted carpet fitted kitchens fitted models fitter and turner fitter happier fittest have the right to survive fitting a curve fitting and turning fitting new words to existing songs fitting out fitting shell fitting subgroup fitts law five acre zoning five act play five act structure five actors five administrative regions five aggregates five and dime five and dimes five and ten five and ten cent store five animal styles five anti five basal elements five basic senses five battles five biological kingdoms five books five books for the general public five boroughs five branches five branches of government five buddha families five bugyo five bundles five campuses five carbon sugar five card charlie five card draw five card majors five card stud five categories five cent euro coin five cents five championship victories five channels five chief deities five chinese elements five classical senses five classics five colleges five color theorem five colors are sufficient five colour theorem five congressional districts five continents five crime families five cross flag five crosses five cylinder five daily prayers five days before the club went out of business five days earlier five different names five different synthesizers five different versions five dimensional five dimensions five directions five disciples five disciplines five dollar bill five dollar day five dollars five economic tests five eighth five electoral regions five element acupuncture five element analogy five elemental fist attacks five elements five elements and colors five elements金木水火土 five euro cent five exceptional cases five factor model five factors for soil formation five families five finger five fist attacks five five-hundred year periods five fold five foot pathways five foot way five foot ways five forces five forces analysis five foreign races five gallon bucket five games five geographical divisions five grains five great epics five guineas five hindrances five hole five hundred five interchangeable fist attacks five international bridges five intersecting tetrahedra five islands five kingdoms five lands five landscapes five largest five laws of library science five layers of neurons five lemma five life five local men five main crankshaft bearings five major codes five major dimensions five major domains of personality five major family styles five major groups five major islands five major topics five massive car bombs five match series five men five meter line five meter throw five miles by streetcar five militants attacked five ministerial roles five minute hypothesis five mob families five month siege five more tests five national championships five nations five nectars five new pence five news five news anchors five nines five nuclear reactors five o'clock shadow five octahedra five of a kind five of spades five of swords five of the rhinoceros species five on three five or six major offensive systems five other countries five other soldiers, later rescued, were captured five pathis five patriarchs five pence five pence decimal coin five pence coin five percenters five persons claimed you five phases five physical characteristics traits of fitrah five pin bowling five planets visible with the naked eye five point scale five pointed star five points five points of architecture five positions of the feet five pound five pound coin five pound note five pound notes five pounds five precepts five prime untranslated region five processes five races five rape convictions five reeler five regal names each five regent houses five regions five routes five schools of thought five scrolls five sense organs five senses five senses plus the mind five sequels five shillings five short-listed bids five sisters and one brother five skandhas five skhandhas five solas five spice powder five stages in the psychology of a dying patient five stages of dying model five stages of grief five star five star hotel five star hotels five states five stones five string violin five successive attacks five techniques five term exact sequence five terton kings five thousand five thousand people were killed five thousand years ago five times a day five times platinum five to seven five tool player five tool prospect five valves per cylinder five viscera five way binding posts five way split five ways five weeks into the future five wickets five wisdoms five workers were asphyxiated five wounds five year course five year mission five year old five year plan five year plans five year survival five year survival rate five year survival rates five years five years earlier five years later five zang viscera five zones of occupation five-Euro banknote five-a-side football five-and-dime stores five-and-ten-cent stores five-beat stress five-card draw five-card majors five-card stud five-cent euro coin five-cent nickel five-cent piece five-cent shield nickel five-chamber revolver five-colored flag five-day work week five-disc box set five-dollar bill five-eighths fly-half five-element theory five-fold ministry five-fold symmetry five-foot way five-four time five-hundred dollar bill five-in-a-row game five-key flute five-kilometer distance running five-kingdom system five-line staff five-lined skink five-man directory five-minute games five-minute major penalty five-month ballot five-neck guitar five-number summaries five-number summary five-octave vocal five-octave vocal range five-paragraph essay five-piece band five-pin bowling five-point star five-point stars five-point stencil five-point yellow star five-pointed star five-pointed stars five-second rule five-sigma event five-spice powder five-spice powders five-star energy efficient homes standard five-star frog splash five-star general five-star generals five-star hotel five-star hotels five-star officer five-star rank five-star rating five-star rating scale five-star resorts five-star stadia five-string bass five-string guitar five-time national champion five-ton truck five-tool player five-volume work five-way key five-week war five-wicket victory five-wicket win five-year economic plan five-year mission five-year plan five-year plans five-year survival five-year survival rate five-year voyage fivefold ministries fivefold ministry fives courts fix atmospheric nitrogen fix carbon fix carbon dioxide fix indexing fix matches fix money fix nitrogen fix prices fix the match fix the price fix the time to which to adjourn fix up fixating point fixation disparity fixation index fixation muscles fixation of fixation of atmospheric nitrogen fixation of carbon fixation of nitrogen fixation of the months fixation point fixational eye movement fixational eye movements fixed 3D fixed 4 dimensional structure fixed action pattern fixed action patterns fixed air fixed allocation of seats fixed and stained fixed artillery fixed asset fixed asset depreciation fixed assets fixed assets management fixed axis fixed background fixed base operation fixed base operator fixed base operator fixed base operator services fixed base operators fixed based operators fixed bayonets fixed block fixed by fixed cameras fixed capital fixed channel allocation fixed charge fixed con-di nozzle used on a conventional rocket motor fixed content fixed cost fixed costs fixed currencies fixed currency fixed deposits fixed disk memory systems fixed dispatch fixed dose combination fixed dose combinations fixed dose procedure fixed drug eruption fixed effects fixed effects estimator fixed effects model fixed effects models fixed election dates fixed end moments fixed essence fixed exchange rate fixed exchange rates fixed expression fixed facility fixed fantasies fixed feasts fixed focal length lenses fixed focus fixed fortification warfare fixed furniture fixed gear fixed gear bicycle fixed gear bicycles fixed gear or fixed wheel bicycle fixed geometry intakes fixed grip triple fixed in space fixed income fixed income analysis fixed income arbitrage fixed income instruments fixed income securities fixed income security fixed income trading fixed incomes fixed infastructure fixed interest fixed interest rate fixed investment fixed ladders fixed landing gear fixed lens fixed lenses fixed liabilities fixed life fixed limit fixed limits fixed line fixed line broadband fixed line phone fixed line telephones fixed line telephonesand fixed line telephony fixed lines fixed link fixed link (went to disambiguation page)cents fixed link project fixed magazine fixed matches fixed mobile convergence fixed mobile devices fixed morphism property fixed mutations fixed network fixed nitrogen fixed odds fixed odds betting fixed odds betting terminals fixed odds gambling fixed oil fixed parity fixed penalty charges fixed penalty notice fixed period of time fixed phone fixed phrases fixed pitch fonts fixed pixel displays fixed platform fixed point fixed point fixed point combinator fixed point combinators fixed point index fixed point iteration fixed point of all isometries fixed point system fixed point theorem fixed point theorems fixed point theorems in infinite-dimensional spaces fixed point theory fixed point unit fixed point units fixed points fixed portions fixed precision fixed price fixed price plus incentive fee contract fixed price policy fixed price system fixed prices fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling fixed radial fixed rate fixed rate bond fixed rate bonds fixed rate interest fixed rate loan fixed rate loans fixed rate mortgage fixed rate mortgages fixed rate operation fixed rate tax fixed red light fixed restorative work fixed rope fixed ropes fixed route fixed route taxis fixed rule fixed satellite service fixed satellite services fixed service satellite fixed service structure fixed shooter fixed signs fixed span fixed star fixed stars fixed steel platform fixed stock fixed subfield fixed sum error fixed target fixed telecom fixed telecommunications network service providers fixed telephone fixed telephone network fixed telephony fixed transhumance fixed trusts fixed ultrafilter fixed wheel fixed white light fixed width fixed widths fixed windows fixed wing fixed wing aircraft fixed years fixed zodiac not aligned fixed zones fixed-base operations fixed-base operator fixed-base operators fixed-dose combination fixed-focus lens fixed-gear bicycle fixed-gear bicycles fixed-gear bikes fixed-gear cycles fixed-grid method fixed-grip chair fixed-grip chairs fixed-head disks fixed-income instruments fixed-income securities fixed-length code fixed-line phone fixed-line telephone network providers fixed-odds bets fixed-odds betting fixed-odds gambling fixed-parameter tractable fixed-pattern noise fixed-pitch instrument fixed-point arithmetic fixed-point equation fixed-point lemma for normal functions fixed-point number fixed-point theorem fixed-point theorems fixed-point theory fixed-point units fixed-price contract fixed-price contracts fixed-price dining fixed-target experiments fixed-term contracts fixed-term election fixed-term elections fixed-width font fixed-width fonts fixed-wing aircraft fixed-wing designs fixes atmospheric nitrogen fixes nitrogen fixing a hole fixing atmospheric nitrogen fixing carbon fixing games fixing matches fixing nitrogen fixing of nitrogen fixing of the gold price fixing the match fixing the prices fixpoint theory fixture list fixture unit fixtureless in circuit test fizzy drink fizzy drinks fjord horse fjord lake fl oz flabby whalefish flabby whalefishes flaccid designator flaccid designators flaccid muscles flaccid paralysis flaccid paresis flack jacket flaczki z pulpetami flaegolet tones flag adjutant flag air carrier flag ban controversy flag bearer flag bearers flag bit flag burning flag burning amendment flag byte flag cancellation flag captain flag carrier flag carriers flag ceremonies flag complex flag day flag days flag decals flag desecration flag desecration amendment flag design flag etiquette flag flown flag football flag guards flag hoists flag leaf flag lieutenant flag making flag manifold flag manifolds flag masts flag match flag of flag of convenience flag of the flag of the country flag of the four provinces flag of the same name flag of this design flag of truce flag of Åland flag officer flag officer-in-charge flag officers flag patches flag pole flag proportions flag protocol flag raising flag raising on flag rank flag secretary flag semaphore flag sequence flag ship flag signal flag signalling flag signals flag state flag states flag station flag stones flag stop flag stops flag terminology flag variable flag variety flag-burning amendment flag-burning amendments flag-carrying soldiers flag-general officer rank flag-of-convenience vessels flagellar motor flagellate protozoan flagellated sperm flageolet register flageolet tones flagging dance flagging tape flagpole annexations flagpole sitter flagpole sitting flagpole sitting contests flagrant foul flagrant fouling flagrant fouls flagrante delicto flagrantly fouled flags of flags of convenience flags or flag registers flags register flags with three colours flagship brand flagship brands flagship campus flagship carriers flagship character flagship company flagship hotel flagship museum flagship product flagship products flagship program flagship programme flagship radio station flagship skyscraper flagship species flagship station flagship stations flagship store flagship stores flagship television station flagship universities flagship university flagtail shrimp goby flail and crook flail limb flail mowers flail tanks flail weapon flail weapons flair bar flair bartending flak armour flak cannon flak cannons flak guns flak jacket flak jackets flak tower flak towers flak vest flake axes flake food flake foods flake tools flaked sharpening stones flaky pastry flam accent flam taps flamboyant cuttlefish flamboyant gothic flamboyant school flamboyant trees flame arrestors flame azalea flame blade flame cans flame cells flame color flame corals flame cutting flame effects flame emission spectroscopy flame fougasse flame front speed flame fusion flame hawkfish flame holder flame ionisation detector flame ionization detection flame ionization detector flame lamp flame lily flame maple flame moth flame on flame out flame photometric detector flame photometry flame projectors flame propagation flame retardant flame retardants flame retarded flame sheet flame shells flame structures flame tank flame tanks flame test flame tests flame tetra flame theory flame thrower flame throwers flame violet flame war flame wars flame-bladed sword flame-throwing tank flamed maple flamed out flameless oxidation flameless ration heater flamen dialis flamen maior flamen maioris flamen priests flamenco chill flamenco dancer flamenco dancing flamenco fiesta flamenco guitar flamenco guitarist flamenco guitars flamenco music flamenco singers flamethrower tank flameworked glass flamines maiores flaming arrows flaming chalice flaming mountains flaming onion flaming sword flaming torch flamingo tongue snail flammable cargo flammable liquid flammable liquids flammable range flammable substance flamprop isopropyl flange depth flange focal depth flange focal distance flange lubrication flanging effect flank attack flank fire flank formation flank glands flank opening flank pain flank speed flank steak flanker or slot receiver flanking attack flanking attacks flanking elements flanking fire flanking maneuver flanking maneuvers flanking manoeuvre flanking march flanking marketing warfare strategies flanking movements flanking noise flanking position flannel flowers flannel pajamas flannel shirt flannel shirts flannelette shirt flap consonant flap consonants flap endonuclease flap endonucleases flap trumpet flap valves flap-footed lizards flapnose ray flapper era flapper valve flapping flight flaps and taps flare activity flare fitting flare gas flare gun flare guns flare markers flare pistol flare stack flare star flare stars flare towers flared off flash animated short flash animation flash animations flash back flash bang flash bang grenade flash based memory flash blindness flash boiler flash boilers flash bomb flash bombs flash bulb flash bulb memories flash bulbs flash cache flash card flash cards flash cart flash cartoon flash cartoons flash cartridges flash carts flash chips flash chromatography flash clones flash column chromatography flash compositions flash cotton flash crowd flash crowds flash crowds effect flash cut flash cutover flash dancers flash device flash devices flash disk flash distillation flash drive flash drives flash drum