five-tool player

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Alternative forms[edit]


five-tool player (plural five-tool players)

  1. (baseball) A player who can hit for a high batting average, hit for power, run the bases well, throw well and field well.
    • 1993 March, “1993 American League Rookie Scouting Reports”, in Baseball Digest[1], page 57:
      Five-tool player who hits for avg., power, runs, throws, fields.
    • 2000, Jeff Savage, Sports Great: Ken Griffey, Jr., Enslow Publishers, →ISBN, page 11:
      Griffey is the complete player, one who is known as a five-tool player.
    • 2010, Dan Fost, Giants Past & Present[2], MBI Publishing Company, →ISBN, page 70:
      The original five-tool player, Ewing is widely considered the greatest ballplayer of the nineteenth century.